Creating a tasty holiday break

It’s that time of year: the calm before the storm. Thanksgiving is fast approaching, but less than a week from the annual rite of turkey feasting, you get overwhelmed by a mad flurry of exams, research papers and all-nighter induced Red Bull binges. Right after the semester ends and you think relief is in sight, […]

Stepping outside your pizza bubble

Pizza might just be the ultimate symbol of comfort and familiarity. For the average American, it draws on fond memories of sleepovers, movie nights and the Super Bowl, plus not-so-fond memories of late-night study crams and generous babysitters.

Saving cash and eating healthy

College students sometimes get a bad reputation for being freebie whores. USC might be half-jokingly referred to as the University of Spoiled Children, but that does not mean that students don’t have their scrimping moments, especially after storming through a big blowout sale at The Grove. The free samples at Yogurtland are nice, but visiting […]

An L.A. way to feast on pumpkin

Fall can be a morose season for college students, especially as Halloween draws near. It’s the time of the year when students are reminded once again that they are now grown-ups. Instead of romping through mounds of leaves and asking for candied apples, they are the ones raking in the leaves and paying for their […]

Food blogs aren’t just for critics

You’ve probably never noticed food bloggers before. But if you look around, they are everywhere — from fancy bistros, cafes and celebrity chef-owned restaurants to food festivals, food trucks and the latest hole-in-the-wall hot spots. They lug their fancy DSLR cameras or whip out surreptitious iPhones, snapping away at anything and everything edible, from sloppy […]

More to Korean street food than taco trucks

Thanks to the influx of the popular Korean-fusion food truck Kogi and its imitators, an Angeleno is most likely to think of sesame seed-sprinkled beef on corn tortillas when talking about “Korean street food.” Obviously, street food takes a different scene in the actual streets of Korea. Instead of the rumbling, Twitter-savvy, colorful trucks that […]

Boosting up your diet with potatoes

Po-tay-toes, Po-tah-toes: Why potatoes are sexy. Even if you’re not a foodie, you might have been asked this question from a random Facebook survey: “If you were a food, what would you be?” As far as I know, no one has ever replied, “I want to be a potato!” And that got me thinking: Why […]