‘The Lego Movie’ as cultural allegory

I thought I knew what people like about The Lego Movie. I saw Wall-E and Toy Story and enjoyed their substantive messages, and their occasional one-liners that “only an adult would understand.” Still, those films were created primarily for kids, and say very little about the state of contemporary culture. In fact, until I saw […]

Finding Dory: Pixar’s search for revitalisation

When I came across a poster for Finding Dory on Tumblr, I thought it was another wishful photoshop designed to remind Pixar fans of the inexcusable lack of Dory’s presence in the past decade. Many online reactions were disbelieving, given the unfortunate proximity to April Fools’ Day. When its release was confirmed, however, reactions were […]

Studios should produce quality, innovative animated films

The Little Mermaid, Aladdin, The Lion King, Toy Story: These are the animated films that have captured our hearts, wowed critics and defined our generation. These films catalyzed the new age of animation, kick-starting a rich and fresh visual style and incorporating new and interesting conceits — animated animation, if you will. Today, however, these […]

Latest from Pixar is a real keeper

It seems that the only thing the gifted storytellers at Pixar Animation Studios can do better than craft a gorgeous and heartfelt narrative is introduce new strains of guilt to moviegoers.