Covering USC has been a wild journey


As it becomes time for many — fans, analysts, coaches and players — to reflect on the past football season, it also becomes time for me to reflect on not only the past football season but also the last year, as my tenure as the sports editor of the Daily Trojan has come to an […]

USC’s brand remains strong


While USC’s latest ranking at No. 13 in the College Football Playoff is impressive, there are two things that are still quite frustrating about the whole situation. First of all, and most importantly, the Trojans don’t control their own destiny. Second, the CFP rankings are already inconsistent and filled with human bias. Despite the hand […]

Students faced with an unfair Thursday


The bane of the football season has arrived. It’s the Thursday night game — something few love and many despise. I fall into the majority on this one, and I think that playing a football game in the Coliseum on a Thursday isn’t fair to the students or a good idea. The Thursday night football […]

Football’s downfall has been continuous


The saying “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” is not always the case. The USC football program has shown that. They’ve battled innumerable problems and distractions and have come out much weaker for it. The football program hasn’t been the same since the departure of Pete Carroll and Reggie Bush, and let’s face it, […]

USC Football has broken discipline system

When head coach Clay Helton was hired, there was a sigh of relief from fans who expected him to be the one to clean up the football program. Ever since the Reggie Bush debacle sent USC into a full-blown tailspin it has yet to recover from, there have been innumerable issues including the arrest and […]

Football speculation is becoming frustrating


Aren’t we all sick of speculating yet? Every possible outcome for Saturday’s season opening football game against Alabama has been written about. We have discussed what could happen if the Trojans win, lose or tie. In fact, we’ve done so much forecasting, it seems that come Saturday night, when the scores are all final, everyone […]