For politicians, Twitter poses a unique problem

There may be no maxim that millennials are more familiar with than this: “The internet is forever.” In an age of screenshots and retweets, internet ephemera is almost instantly transformed into something more permanent that can be shared weeks, months and even years after the original posting. For most of us, this translates to concern […]

Facebook’s ‘Nearby Friends’ undermines online privacy

Privacy has become a thing of the past with the onset of social media. With every tweet, Instagram post and Facebook check-in, we invite fellow social media users to know more about our lives. But even with the multitude of social media features, there must be limits.   Such limits were crossed Monday when Facebook […]

A graduate’s bucket list for Los Angeles

Being sick is the worst. Instead of frolicking in the sunshine last weekend (c’est la vie, USC Springfest 2014 and CicLAvia), I was in bed, with only a copious amount of Kleenex and my Netflix account for comfort. That left me with plenty of time to troll the Internet and write a lot of whiny […]

Kim Kardashian Vogue cover reflects culture

I hate working out. It keeps me away from my happiest place: stuffing my face with mint chocolate chip ice cream. I do, however, subject myself to exercising at least three times per week, or at least that’s what I tell my physician to keep her happy. And usually while running on the treadmill, I turn […]

eReaders refocus on critical reading skills

In honor of National Reading Month, this week retail giant offered a $20 discount on all Kindle models, slashing the price of the basic model to just $49. I used to think the Kindle was an idiotic device, or, at best, something you could read while holding a snifter in the other hand. With […]

Twitter IPO dampens investors’ projections

It’s March 21, 2006. After another long day of debugging and hashing out code at the startup, co-founder of Twitter — twttr at the time — Jack Dorsey sends out the first-ever tweet. What Dorsey published was nothing out of the ordinary. The small team at twttr didn’t know what to think of the idea […]

Twitter expedites spoilers

It’s hard, sometimes, being a fan of television on the West Coast and being on Twitter. Perhaps no night is more difficult than Sunday during the hours leading up to a new episode of Mad Men or Breaking Bad. To put it bluntly — my feed becomes a giant scroll of spoilers. To their credit, […]