Not just butterbeer for college Britons

The day has finally arrived when I can legally buy alcohol. No, I didn’t have a birthday, and I’m still only 20 — I’m in Europe. The United States is just one of a handful of countries that bans people from drinking before the age of 21, a move that eliminates not only alcohol consumption […]

U.K.’s hands-off education policy puts students in control

From behind, wild cackling erupts from the depths of someone’s throat. To the left, gangly arms flail about hoping to catch fleeting attention. Screams, loud noises and laughter give the room an air of madness. No, you’re not in a zoo. You’re in a classroom in City University London the sixth most popular university in […]

London transplant hasn’t the foggiest

I have a confession to make. I am no longer a virgin to snow. During winter break, for two glorious days, I saw snow fall to the ground for the very first time. Contently watching from indoors while white powder peacefully rose above the windowsill like the ocean tide, the L.A. native inside of me […]