USG polls close with roughly 6,000 votes

More than 5,500 students voted in this year’s Undergraduate Student Government election, falling short of USG’s 7,000 voter target. The polls closed on Thursday at 8 p.m., culminating a three-week campaigning process and three days of voting. The election committee would not provide the exact number of students who voted but disclosed that there were […]

Special Issue: USG Election 2015

USC’s Undergraduate Student Government politics can sometimes feel removed from the everyday lives of students. USG might send out the occasional survey or host a forum on a timely campus issue, but when it comes to the day-to-day, much of the work they do isn’t highly visible. We, as the source of campus news, are […]

Meet the senatorial candidates

Aaron Rifkind I am a third-generation Trojan majoring in international relations. I currently serve as the senior advisor to the USG president on the executive cabinet of USG. I am also the editor in chief for the Southern California International Review, a global undergraduate international studies journal published biannually. As a member of USG for […]

GSG elects executive board

Graduate students account for more than 50 percent of the student population at USC, yet Graduate Student Government is often much less visible on campus than its undergraduate counterpart. It tackles many similar issues and faces many of the same challenges, but because of the nature of the graduate student experience, GSG has a much […]

Meet the presidential tickets: Providence Ilisevich & Ehren Elder

Providence Ilisevich and Ehren Elder hope to bring an outside perspective with insider knowledge to Undergraduate Student Government. A junior studying industrial and systems engineering from Potomac, Md., Ilisevich hopes to take on the role of president. Her running mate, Elder, is a junior from Los Altos, California double majoring in philosophy, politics and law […]

Meet the presidential tickets: Rini Sampath & Jordan Fowler

Aside from having set historical precedent as the first female presidential ticket, Rini Sampath and Jordan Fowler have created platform points that strive to produce their mantra of “real results.” During their campaign, Sampath and Fowler stressed the importance of collaboration and communication. By bringing together student organizations in a collaborative problem-solving effort, the duo […]

Behind the scenes: How USG works

Though Undergraduate Student Government can seem insular, student leaders utilize the methods at their disposal to create campus change. One powerful method is the resolution. “Resolutions basically gauge student interest,” said Samantha Cheng, a USG residential senator. “They’re not really binding but they’re a way for us to show administrators that yes, this is something […]

Looking back with Menard and Rini

If you’ve been hearing a lot more about Undergraduate Student Government than usual this past year, you’re not alone. The executive team behind USG President Andrew Menard and Vice President Rini Sampath has been hard at work publicizing and promoting the efforts of USG in order to make student government more transparent and accessible to […]