‘Nearby Friends’ application fosters face-to-face interaction

These days, one of the biggest complaints about social media revolves around its effects on the state of our social and communication skills. Yet with the new Facebook feature “Nearby Friends,” things are looking up for face-to-face — rather than face-to-screen — conversation.   Announced Monday, Nearby Friends is a location tracker app that allows […]

E-cigarette marketing must be geared away from youth

Though electronic cigarettes are a hot trend, one thing is for sure: They shouldn’t be on the rise among youth. On Wednesday, five U.S. senators introduced legislation to prohibit marketing of electronic cigarettes, also known as e-cigarettes, to children and teens. The Protecting Children from Electronic Cigarette Act, penned by Sen. Barbara Boxer, addresses the […]

State must extend health care to undocumented immigrants

Lately, there’s been a wave of change sweeping through California, granting increased privileges and rights to undocumented immigrants. In September 2013, the state assembly voted 55-19 to allow the state’s undocumented immigrants the right to receive drivers’ licenses. In October 2013, Gov. Jerry Brown signed a law allowing them to obtain law licenses. A bill […]