Defiance: MMO/TV concept to fuse worlds, industries

The game Defiance came out on April 2nd. This is noteworthy for a few reasons, despite the lack of reviews. Firstly, it’s a rare massive multiplayer online role playing game (MMO) that one can play not only on a computer, but on standard gaming consoles (except the Wii, of course). Defiance is a third person shooter, […]

Controversy of video game violence heats up

The video game industry is no stranger to controversy. Since the days of 2-D games like Mario, simulated violence has been accused of influencing real-world violent tragedies. Video games’ seeming impressionability got on the radar after the Columbine High School Massacre. According to the New York Times, it was discovered that the two teenage shooters […]


October is here, welcoming the beginning of the most important phase in video game merchandising: the fourth quarter. Consisting of the October, November and December months, the fourth quarter generally sees the release of some of the most successful and entertaining games of the year. This year’s fourth quarter looks particularly promising, with this month […]