Singer scandal shouldn’t affect X-Men box office

When it was first announced that director Bryan Singer would be returning to the X-Men franchise to helm an adaptation of Chris Claremont’s classic “Days of Future Past” storyline, fans began salivating over the prospect of a film with the adamantium-bonded gonads to bridge the decades-spanning continuity divide between Singer’s first two films — let’s […]

Comics provide space for social commentary

Comics are the funny books, the home of people in tights fighting each other, yet they are a great medium for social commentary and protest. Since their inception, comic books have challenged the established system and worked to highlight injustice around the world. Comics created the space for activism because they were the underdog of […]

2012 remains promising for comic creators

There’s a lot to look forward to in comics this year. DC Comics brought in some of the best writers and artists for the Before Watchmen books, and its relaunched core titles are picking up steam. Marvel is starting its big company-wide crossover, Avengers vs. X-Men that will take up the summer in a slew […]

Extensive series limit reader opportunities

I often hear from non-comic book readers that they don’t read comics not out of a lack of interest, but out of intimidation over where to begin. This complaint isn’t completely unwarranted. Narrative arcs within various series can be complex and many people don’t want to just jump into the middle of a story. After all, […]

Geek culture merging more and more with mainstream

For geeks, this summer is one of excitement and anticipation. With the iPad 2 already out, the year’s tech craze is in full swing. And, starting in May, a four-month wave of new books, movies and television shows coming out is sure to make us happy. One excited geek is Matt Campagna, the host of […]