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John Hancock wins for next big idea in life insurance

John Hancock is the first life insurance company to offer something this radical to American consumers — let the company monitor your health on a Fitbit tracker you wear and pay less on your life insurance premiums. At first glance, the proposal seems far-fetched, but there’s promise for positive change in between the lines. In most […]

Emojis open door to more encompassing forms of expression

Yesterday, I had a conversation with my best friend using emojis alone. And before you ask, yes, I was disgusted with myself. On one hand, I do feel like I should justify my actions. We know each other, so we know that the pizza emoji doesn’t just mean pizza — it means I want pizza […]

The problem with personhood

Officially defining who gets to be called a person under the law has always been a controversial issue. Arguments over the beginning of personhood have defined the abortion debate. The Citizens United ruling has brought corporate citizenship to the forefront of debate. And now Indiana’s new Religious Freedom Restoration Act has brought up the question […]

I got 99 problems, and you’re probably one

The other day, my friend and I launched into a conversation about the music industry, one that was both enlightening and frustrating to someone hoping to one day work in the business. He advocated for free access to music, a sentiment shared by the majority of our peers, and his arguments ranged from “I refuse […]

Health literacy needs to be stressed

Doctors are supposed to provide answers when you’re sick or injured. Yet research has found that many patients in fact do not understand their conditions and as a result, patients need to take a more proactive role in their own treatment to improve their health literacy. In the past year, 82.1 percent of adults in […]

Reading between the lines of hip-hop song lyrics

Hip-hop might not have been born in L.A., but it’s definitely taken up a permanent residence in this city. It’s no wonder that our parties are teeming with the newest hip-hop tracks and albums. When that song comes on, the crowds go crazy and everyone sings along to the lyrics — the dirtier, the better. […]

#BlackGirlsRock (This is not an apology)

First Lady Michelle Obama came under fire two days ago after attending BET’s (Black Entertainment Television) “Black Girls Rock” special event. The criticism came not from what she wore on the red carpet or what she said from behind the podium, but from the very fact that she was present. It’s improper, critics say, for Michelle […]