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You don’t exist, probably

One of philosopher Rene Descartes’ most famous philosophical statements reads, “Cogito ergo sum,” or “I think, therefore I am.” He posits the existence itself requires no evidence, and rather just contemplating existence proves it. But what does it mean to exist? What if you did not truly exist in an encompassing universe? What if reality […]

Celebrating my one year anniversary with USC

This week, the USC Admissions Center sent out thousands of packages containing good news: acceptances to this university, and more importantly, invitations to join the Trojan Family. As the academic year is quickly drawing to a close, it is astonishing to think that nearly one-fourth of my college experience is over. What a year it […]

MOOCs rise to the task of making college affordable, accessible and adaptable

Nowadays, mass open online courses (MOOCs) could just be the answer to the rising barriers of attending college. In 2012, it cost the average student $33,716 to attend a four-year institution, when barely 20 years ago, it would have cost the same student just $15,306. MOOCs cater to those who cannot, or find it difficult […]

Narcissism seeps through spring break social media posts

As school resumes and spring break becomes a thing of the past, the very last of the spring breakers’ Facebook updates and Instagram posts trickle in—the posed beach photos, selfies by the beach and glossy updates from exotic vacation destinations. Admittedly, I have been increasingly guilty of updating my own social media accounts more when […]

The Common Core does more harm than good

As the Common Core is being rolled out into public schools this year, increasingly more parents across multiple states — Ohio, New Mexico and New Jersey — are opting their children out of Common Core exams. Why? Because the Common Core is just another standardised test among a slew of others that detracts from learning […]

CREAM: The delicious taste of novelty

CREAM’s opening this past weekend saw mountains of delicious ice cream, decadent cookies, and inhumanly long lines. Oh, the lines. The opening of CREAM drew humongous crowds for many of the same reasons that it will become the popular ice cream sandwich place: mostly, it’s delicious and also cheap — the sweet spot that launches […]