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    NOT A HATER says:

    not a hater but be realistic… ol’ Pete is a smart guy and the NCAA is comin’ down on ‘SC and after a loosing season he is not staying around for the bloodshed. Unfortunately you cannot cheat at the college level for as long as USC has and expect to not pay the price. I hope Trojan fans stand behind their team and school. Without sports, they don’t have much of a program and ratings will drop. Best of luck.

  2. Tommy Trojan
    Tommy Trojan says:

    Hello to all of you ‘SC haters.

    I know that all of you are licking your chops at this latest development. Unfortunately for you, one man is not greater than an entire program. ‘SC football survived when Howard Jones, John McKay, and John Robinson left. It will survive now that Pete Carroll is gone. We may suffer for a while, but every true ‘SC fan knows the quote etched at the base of Tommy Trojan:

    “Here are provided seats of meditative joy, where shall rise again the destined reign of Troy”.

    We will be back. I think a lot of you are going to be pleasantly surprised at how our team rallies behind this situation.

    Fight on!!!

    • JoeShmo
      JoeShmo says:

      Ummm….the Trojans went 25 years without a championship before Carroll came. Guess you survived that period pretty well………….you’re right. We are LOVIN it right now…

  3. Trojan Bill
    Trojan Bill says:

    Pete Carroll gave USC Trojan fans the best 9 year strech in USC Football history. We wish Pete the good luck in his new adventure. Thanks for the memories, Pete.
    With USC current talent, Mike Garret should be able to bring in a big name coach.

  4. UCLA Fight Fight Fight
    UCLA Fight Fight Fight says:

    Slick Petey knew he was on a sinking ship, that’s why he decided to abandon it. Face it U$C, you got hosed! The NCAA will drop the hammer on your football and basketball programs, while Carroll, Floyd, Mayo and Bush are all reaping in $$$ at the professional level. U$C won’t be relevant for a looooong time in either football or basketball now that the NCAA is aware of the school’s cheating ways.

  5. CP
    CP says:

    We all know why Pete Carroll left.

    Being the head coach of USC, Pete knows the ins and outs of USC football. He orchestrated it and know exactly when the best time to leave is.

    Pete created his own ghost and it will definitely haunt him down the road. If he thinks that leaving now would enable him to escape the a burgeoning controversy…he’s obviously mistaken.

    With everything that happened with Bush and McKnight, he knows that it’s only a matter of time before he is asked the questions he’s beeng trying to negate.

    I believe that we need a fresh start. Pete Carroll is old news.

    Figth On, Trojans.

  6. Luis Arrieta
    Luis Arrieta says:

    Nothing lasts forever. I wish Pete well but I forecast he will ba back to college football. NFL is a different environment and I do not think he will do well.

    In regards to USC football program I am sure there are some college competitive coaches around and Pete is not the only one, for example: Mile Leach last year coach for Texas Tech. Interesting ….. Humm


  7. Trojan Fan
    Trojan Fan says:

    I’m really bummed but optimistic. Trojan football is in a much better condition than what it was when Carroll came in. The University shouldn’t have trouble bringing in a top recruit. Anyone think they’ll contact Sarkisian?

  8. Ruth Bernstein
    Ruth Bernstein says:

    Pete Carroll’s departure comes after a luckluster season where his style no longer was enough to motivate the players against arch rivals. The team came out flat . There was little emotion and / or a sense of urgency and desire to win. On defense, you heard the same two names over again. The offense had moments of brilliance in an otherwise mediocre performance. The losses and the ongoing investigation nudged him towards starting over.

    The true significance of his leaving will be how trojan players and fans respond to the new era to come. I bleed Cardinal and Gold and will continue to do so regardless of who coaches (cept Lou Holtz)

  9. renew
    renew says:

    Out with the old, in with the new. Times change, accept them. If SC’s football suffers, then let’s focus on another area that we never did before–men’s basketball!

    It’s not a cloudy day…just a new beginning.

  10. TrojanDad
    TrojanDad says:

    Awful news. I know the university will hire a terrific coach and the program will be on top again, possibly quite soon, but Coach Carroll’s departure at this point leaves a terrible feeling. His greatest challenge would have been to re-establish the Trojans’ winning attitude and focus and to help his players recover from this disappointing season; it seems, frankly, that he’s leaving a situation that it’s his responsibility to fix.

    He is the best college football coach of his time, and possibly of all time. I wish him well in his return to the NFL, though I never watch that grotesque spectacle and don’t care what happens there. I did enjoy hearing Mark Sanchez’s comments, though; he was entitled to that.

  11. PF
    PF says:

    As a huge Buckeye fan, I have a lot of sympathy for USC and the L.A. community. I have trouble understanding Carroll’s desire to jump to Seattle. He was the elite of elite college coach’s in the country. I had so much respect for his desire to improve the city of L.A. and try and pull at-risk youth out of bad lifestyles. That’s not something everyone could do, and he seemed to do it with so much passion; he certainly got people to buy into his plans. I hope he continues to have a positive impact in Seattle, and I hope USC does not stumble too far. College football is better when USC is good, best of luck to both Carroll and USC.

  12. Why?
    Why? says:

    I am still left with the question why? Paid extremely well, coaching style almost unquestioned, great reputation.
    He’s leaving his throne as the King of LA for a few more million and some more control? I know everyone has his price, but when you are already at the top, the only place you can go is down.

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