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Howard Stern’s controversial comments about Precious star

Radio host Howard Stern offended several people Monday while recapping Sunday’s Academy Awards. Stern, who’s radio show is broadcast on Sirius Satellite Radio, said some controversial comments about Gabourey Sidibe, who was nominated for best actress.

While recapping the segment of the show when the best actress winner was about to be announced when Sidibe was shown on the screen, Stern said he saw “the most enormous, fat black chick I’ve ever seen.”

“You feel bad because everyone pretends that she’s part of show business and she’s never going to be in another movie,” Stern added. “What movie is she going to be in? ‘Blind Side 2?’ She could be the football player.”

Stern also criticized Oprah Winfrey, who presented Sidibe as a nominee, for ‘lying’ to the actress. “When we look at you,” Winfrey told Sidibe from the Oscars stage, “we see a true, American Cinderella who’s on the threshold of a brilliant new career.”

Stern disagreed. “She told an enormous woman the size of a planet that she’s going to have a career,” he said during his broadcast. “Oprah should’ve said, ‘you need to get help, we don’t want to lose you.’ “

Wow, Mr. Stern. That was pretty bold.

Rihanna goes home and meet new beau’s parents

While Chris Brown was parading his new girlfriend in front of the cameras this weekend in Virginia, Rihanna left a gig early in Brazil to make it back stateside to meet her current boyfriend Matt Kemp at his hometown in Arizona. Kemp is an MLB baseball player for the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Matt was hosting his “Ante Up for Autism” event to benefit Autism research and Rihanna decided to stop by to show some support. Also while in Arizona, she is said to have visited his family’s house and met his parents.

So how did the meet-in-greet go? According to E!, “Matt was happy she came,” says an inside source about Rihanna making it to the event. “It was an awesome show of support.”

Besides the other pro baseball players in the house Saturday evening, Kemp’s family also attended, and they met Rihanna for the first time. “Rihanna fit right in as if they all knew each other. It was comfortable.”

What did you think of the Oscars?

History was definitely made this past weekend at the Academy Awards, but what will you remember about this year’s celebration in particular? I believe this year’s show was remarkable for its adequate amount of feel-good themes and moments. Maybe it was the standing ovation for the first female winner of the best director title. Or maybe it was the number of first-time nominees that took home a heavy-looking naked golden men award. Or possibly it was the moving John Hughes tribute. Both serious and amusing – here are a few topics that I thought were ones for the history books.

The ‘Kanye moment’ — The win for best documentary short took an odd turn when the film’s producer, Elinor Burkett, grabbed the microphone away from director-producer Roger Ross Williams during the acceptance speech.

Oprah — Mrs. Winfrey looked absolutely ravishing as she stood on the Oscars stage to present Gabourey Sidibe with her best actress award nomination for Precious. But, where was she sitting during the show? They never showed her once until she appeared on stage at the end of the show! She must have demanded her own private viewing room.

Katherine Bigelow wins for The Hurt Locker — She was the first woman to win an Oscar for best director, but she hopes that she won’t be the last. “I hope that I’m the first of many,” she said to E! backstage at the Academy Awards Sunday.

Geoffey Fletcher wins for Precious — He was the first African-American to win an Oscar for best screenwriting.

Sandra Bullock wins for The Blind Side — She took home the best actress award and gave a sincere acceptance speech, in which she movingly acknowledged her mother who died in 2002.

Ben Stiller — I give the best-dressed award to him for his Avatar-themed look he showed off on the Oscars stage. He dressed himself as an avatar, with Na’vi blue face and hands, a headful of tribal plaits, and staring yellow alien eyes. After walking on stage with a blank face Stiller said, “this idea seemed better in the dressing room.”

Zoe Saldana‘s dress — Now, I really give the best-dressed award to Saldana. She wore a stunning Givenchy gown, shadow-dyed from lilac, on the crystal-embroidered bodice, down to electric violet, on the bouffant hem. The young Italian, Riccardo Tisci, designed the gown.

Where was Farrah? — Fawcett was left of the annual ‘In Memoriam’ section of the telecast. The executive director of the film academy said Tuesday that Farrah Fawcett wasn’t included in the Academy Awards’ ‘In Memoriam’ segment because the actress was better known as a TV star.

Mo’nique wins for Precious — She won best supporting actress for her work in Precious. Her acceptance speech was a little sketchy, though. In the acceptance speech she commended the Academy for judging the “work and not the politics.” That comment left many viewers and audience members confused. She went on to talk about how her husband, Sidney Hicks, really made this movie possible for her. Hicks also serves as her manager. I was way too confused when she got done talking.

iPad commercial — Apple premiered its first commercial for the much talked about Apple iPad, which will be released in April. Apple CEO, Steve Jobs, was in attendance at the award show.

Did any of my moments end up on your most-memorable list? Let me know your thoughts below.