Whitman’s economic plans might not work, experts say

Experts say gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman’s economic plan will do little to bring more jobs to California if she were elected.

Whitman’s plans for the state include cutting taxes, easing regulations and bringing in more companies to stimulate the job market.

Stephen Levy, director and senior economist at the Center for Continuing Study of the California Economy, told the Los Angeles Times that California economics reflects more of the national trend than political trends.

“There are limits on what governors can do,” Levy said. “Most of what happens is governed by world and national and macro-economic forces that we struggle to grab hold of even with all the tools a federal government has.”

According to the L.A. Times, Whitman has used her experience as the chief executive office of eBay as a standing point for her campaign, emphasizing her knowledge of business and economics.

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Jerry Brown, the current California attorney general, has released a jobs plan that boosts the renewable-energy industry and reducing regulations.