Creating A Different Valentine’s Day

Many singles dread Valentine’s Day. Many consider it a sadistic, Hallmark holiday, meant to inflict stress on those who need to find a date.

But Valentine’s Day is only a painful reminder of one’s relationship status if you let it be.

So for those who are dreading Valentine’s Day weekend here are some exciting alternatives to take your mind off it.

Buh-bye Jack and Rose, hello scary movie marathon.

Instead of watching the tragically beautiful Titanic for the 100th time, why not have a fright fest?

There’s no better way to distract yourself from relationship woes than to engage in something completely unromantic.

Pick up a classic like The Shining or Psycho and embrace the true brilliance of thrillers at their peak.

Love should always be in the air for Valentine's Day!

Ladies, head to West Hollywood and make an event out of it

For ladies looking for a break from slimy players, clubs like Rage and Micky’s allot plenty of hands-off dancing surrounded by a diverse group of gay men looking to have a good time. Not to mention, Millions of Milkshakes is right across the street, and everyone knows that a chocolate hot fudge milkshake is the best cure for a lonely heart.

Play the part of the overly obnoxious couple in love

Grab your best friend and be thespians for the night. Embrace your characters to the fullest. Get lost in each other’s puppy dog eyes, call each other ‘pookie’ and serenade each other in love songs and romantic poetry.

You’ll be so wrapped up in playing the part that you won’t even think about your true relationship status. If you’re lucky, maybe that best friend will turn into something more.

Baby-sit and cash in

Although this isn’t the most exciting event, if you don’t have other plans you might as well.

Plus, when your true sweetheart comes along, you’ll now have the cash to shower that person in gifts — even if it doesn’t happen to be Feb. 14.

Pamper yourself because you’re worth it

Everyone deserves to feel like royalty once in a while.

When you forget about all the midterms, papers, work, drama and everything else that piles up and treat yourself to something nice, you’ll feel better and more confident. A mani-pedi can serve as a fantastic ego-boost.

Do something charitable: help the world, help yourself

What matters most to you? Is it environmental conservation, education, health conditions or human rights? Whatever it might be, find a way to get involved and help out. Doing things for others makes you feel better and, ultimately, the most important relationship you have is the one with yourself.

Go to a party and rage

If you’re craving some form of intimacy, plenty of singles are in the same boat.

Now is just as good a time as any to put yourself out there — you never know who you’ll come across.

At the very least you can have a fun night out with your friends and listen to some quality dubstep.

Get a group of friends and write down all the reasons why you love each other

Valentine’s Day is indeed about love, but nothing says it can’t be between friends.

They’re the ones who will always be there for you, so why not express your gratitude and make a list of all the reasons why those people mean the world to you?

Love comes in many shapes and sizes, and sometimes friendship is the best form to be celebrating.

Sweat it out, Richard Simmons style

Whether you’re frustrated about a recent breakup or simply can’t beat the blues, working out is a great way to re-energize and seize the day. Exercise releases endorphins, endorphins make you happy and happy people just don’t feel bad on Valentine’s Day.

If you aren’t feeling up to celebrating, try jogging or doing a bit of yoga to put yourself in a better mental state.