Diplo displays his talent with captivating concert

The weekend rain did not discourage committed house music fans from coming out and supporting the world-renowned DJ and producer Wesley Pentz, better known by his stage name, Diplo.

The Major Rager event, which was sponsored by JusCollege, a social networking site aimed exclusively toward college students, brought together an eager crowd of die-hard music fanatics and partygoers ready to kick off the long weekend.

As a musical innovator, Diplo has long been on the scene as a creative and highly magnetic performer, delivering all types of sounds to fans around the world.

Together with DJ Switch, as part of their collaborative brainchild Major Lazer, Diplo produces signature reggae and drum infused tracks, like “Pon de Floor.”

The show not only featured  successful performers, but took place at a unique venue. The Proud Bird airfield near Los Angeles International airport provided both the accommodations for the event and an amazing backdrop to the explosive beats of each of the featured artists.

Launching their three-city tour this past Saturday, the performers spared nothing when it came to throwing down unforgettable tracks and keeping the crowd enthralled.

Opening sets included USC alumnus Ben Oprstu and current student Tony Fresch, a sophomore majoring in music industry, who commanded the crowd with their highly energetic mixes, along with Doc P & Random Citizens, Bones and Dylan Francis, whose dubstep set roused a fiery show.

At one point, the venue felt as though it were literally on fire.

The night started off slow, however, the crowd continued to roll in as Diplo’s set grew closer, consequently creating a jam-packed dance inferno.

Diplo’s first tweet after the show read, “Wow that party at the proud bird was like 125 degrees. Thanks to everyone who sweated thru it… u guys went hard as hell.”

Perhaps the rain was a blessing, after all.

While the opening acts kept spirits high, the anticipation for Diplo’s performance was as palpable as the heat in the room.

The crowd’s sheer excitement shook the room as Diplo emerged for the final set.

Taking inspiration from top electronic and hip-hop tracks like “Warp 1.9” by the Bloody Beetroots and “Look at Me Now” by Chris Brown, Diplo took the show by storm with his unique blend of crazy, bassy beats and amazing musical collaboration that made everyone want to jump up and down.

“It was amazing,” said Daniela Baharvar, an undeclared sophomore. “I’ve never danced so much in my life.”

With a wall-to-wall, content audience, Diplo soared well beyond all expectations with his thunderous performance, leaving his fans wanting more.

“The atmosphere was electric,” said Richie Rubin, a sophomore majoring in communication. “All the DJ’s did a great job of sampling their own unique sounds and it was capped off with a mind-blowing set by Diplo.”

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  1. JC
    JC says:

    taking inspiration from “Look At Me Now”? He produced / made the track with afrojack…, just pointing that out. Good write-up though.

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