Installation on Trousdale raises awareness of social issues

The Intervarsity Trojan Christian Fellowship has erected an eye-catching installation on Trousdale to address some of the problems that plague L.A.

The booth features a wheel of misfortune, photos and exhibits that touch on issues like homelessness, alcoholism, abuse, racism, poverty and injustice. One of the members is sleeping on a cardboard box in front of the spectacle to recreate the living situation of thousands of homeless people living in Los Angeles.

When someone spins their wheel of misfortune, they receive information about the topic. For example, one can receive a brief and poignant summary of racism in L.A. in about thirty seconds.

The Christian Fellowship has been participating in community service projects throughout the year, but it was after a project with a local private school in Pasadena that they say they were inspired to spread awareness of the issues in our inner cities.

“Going off of that trip we wanted to create a big spectacle on campus that really engages people about the issues of poverty, injustice, homelessness in the city,” said Katelyn Endow, a senior in interactive entertainment and one of the project coordinators for the Trojan Christian Fellowship. “We didn’t realize that a lot of these issues were relevant; but they are, and they’re hidden, and many people in L.A. are enslaved by these issues.”