Katy Perry’s video for “E.T.” premieres on MTV

When taking a first glance at the preview of Katy Perry’s new video for her single “E.T.,” music fans could mistake her for Lady Gaga.

Her fans will see another side of the fun and flirty Perry. The video is vastly different from the other videos from her latest album Teenage Dream in that it takes a much more complex approach.

MTV released a short clip of the video, which gave an impression that the production turned out to be nothing like the sugary “California Girls” or simplistic “Teenage Dream.”

Taking on the theme of extraterrestrial, Perry floats around in outer space with makeup that makes her look like a creature from another planet and an illuminating outfit that could be found in a sci-fi video game or movie. Her headdress is very regal and comparable to something Gaga would wear to an award show.

In another part of the video, she lands on an unknown devastated planet, judging by its junk yard looks, in a long flowing neutral colored dress.

On that planet, she finds what first looks like an old robot, but then it turns out to be a man in some sort of suit.

To get a better idea of what the video is about, watch the new clip of Perry’s theatric video, which was posted today on MTV.com.