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  1. Hottie with a Body
    Hottie with a Body says:

    Listen, SC doesn’t do “character-checks” prior to conferring admissions. Human beings are wildcards; you don’t know what you’re gonna get. People are the same everywhere you go. I had TAs who attended Ivies as undergrads and cussed like sailors. One my TAs, who attended Princeton, was hot. She dressed so…owwhhhhh!!! I don’t wanna talk about it. I’m going to the bathroom…

  2. roxy
    roxy says:

    I am very upset with the staff faculty, president Nikias and security department where were you when this whole sex scandal
    was happening and the stupid moron that video taped the sex in the roof why did you have to tape that .
    I work 3 jobs to pay for USC TUITION for my daughter I sacrifice for her to attend this school which I thought it was
    a good choice of school I CONGRATULATE Miss Linton for writting this article for taking the time and the effort to tell the school the wrong doing of some students .. the morning i got the LA TIMES and I read about the scandal I was so embarrased with my neighbors I AM NOT PROUD TO BE A TROJAN PARENT PRESIDENT NIKIAS you have to do something about this problem…….. hire more security…. install cameras on building’s roof.. do something….. support this article writter… she seems to have what it takes to speak out…..

  3. Sarah
    Sarah says:

    As a USC alumna, I agree. Any time there is a scandal, that degree for which I worked so hard is devalued. I want to show my resume and wear my cardinal and gold sweatshirt with pride. I shouldn’t need to defend my reputation or my work ethic, or have my accomplishments diminished.

    USC is no longer the University of Spoiled Children. President Sample worked very hard for that. President Nikias is continuing along that path. USC is not an Ivy, but it is one of the best schools on the west coast. Current and future Trojans: don’t destroy the progress of those who came before you; don’t ruin it for yourselves; and don’t ruin it for those who will come after you.

  4. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    “I found myself wondering if others actually find this all funny.”

    Yup. I do. I laughed at you, pointed at you, made loud comments about you, and belligerently walked through your group. And in thirty years, when I walk by protestors who have nothing better to do than waste their time and obstruct my path, I’ll still be doing the same thing.

  5. lauren
    lauren says:

    I hate to say it, but as USC students we don’t usually get the respect that we think we deserve. It seems as if the university standards are more about bringing in revenue (and student athletes that will assist in this endeavor) and less about cultivating the non-athletic students, who I’m sorry to say, will more likely impact the world (just based on numbers. This isn’t to say that student athletes go on to be unsuccessful, because that would be an untruth. But what I am saying is that the typical USC is not an athlete). I mean, what do you see on on television when USC is mentioned? Crime, large amounts of money donated, athletes, sport controversies and other things that sully the USC family reputation. Nikias’ induction and famous figures coming to campus is really the only truly good things that are depicted. But USC is not truly a school of “spoiled children;” I believe that the reason we are depicted this way is not just because of the supposed “wealth” of our student body, but our perceived attitudes as well.

    To be honest, I’m not surprised that the Greek System would do something like this. In full disclosure, I would be shocked if the Frats and Sororities were all straight A students that never got in trouble and helped old ladies across the street. Across the country, Greek systems are known for rowdy partying and general stupidity. If the Greek system here bothers you too much, shut it down. But the real issue is how we want to be perceived to the rest of the world. Stop throwing a huge party whenever anyone gives you any large sum of money, it makes us look shallow and materialistic. Stop giving our athletes so much publicity. And for God’s sake stop bragging about how awesome USC is, it annoys all of the serious Universities–besides, we really don’t need to.

    If we really are as awesome as we think we are (and as all of our faculty, diverse and hard-working students and staff is. And our history proves we are) then we don’t need to brag, out actions will draw praise from onlookers. Why spend the time telling others how great you are when you peers can do it for you?

  6. Stephen
    Stephen says:

    Bravo. One of the aims of a university education should be to teach students that “chill out” is an inappropriate response to incidents like this one.

    • Darren
      Darren says:

      First of all, sex on the roof is nothing new to modern college life. Worse incidents have happened at Ivy League campuses and USC is no Ivy League! We’re not a Stanford either. USC has party time in its DNA and sometimes that spills over onto the public scene. Every campus has their emotionally unintelligent and immature wingnuts and that’s just a fact of life.

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