Cup O’ Joy offers tasty snacks and drinks

There are a number of eating options between campus and The Row, especially for greasy fast food and sugary drinks. Among those choices is Cup O’ Joy, located at 3016 S Figueroa St., which offers a number of tasty and affordable choices in both of these realms.

Cup O' Joy | Photo courtesy of Alan Wong

Popular favorites like jasmine milk tea and standard fruit flavored smoothies are offered. More uncommon (and arguably tastier) flavors such as Lychee iced tea are available as well. Most drinks can be ordered with boba, which during all of my visits was prepared quite well.

The food is just as good. A particularly tasty choice is the popcorn chicken, which comes in either a “snack portion” or in a meal combo option.

Other choices include minced pork, steamed vegetables and rice. If healthiness is your top concern, Cup O’ Joy might not be the best best. Most dishes are fried and nearly all drinks are very sugary.

Options are clearly visible on the menu and napkins, straws and other conveniences are easily accessible, but I did not experience exceptionally friendly service during my two visits.

Cup O’ Joy is well lit by large windows and feels clean. The interior is not without personal touches; accompanying the security camera in the upper left corner is a sign reading “Big Boba is Watching.”

Parking too always seems to be available on the premise. Cup O’ Joy accepts all standard methods of payment, though a $0.30 surcharge is applied to credit card purchases under $10, so it might be wise to bring a very big appetite or a few friends if this is your preferred method of payment.