Justin Bieber sends Lil’ Wayne gift via Twitter

Posting birthday gifts on Twitter might be the next big fad. To wish Lil’ Wayne a happy 29th birthday — which the artist celebrated Sept. 27 — Justin Bieber tweeted his own version of the rapper’s “How to Love.”

Posted during the insomniac hours of Wednesday morning, the tweet read, “Trying to sleep. until then happy birthday @LilTunechi#remix,” and included a link to the remix on Youtube.

When compared to the rest of Lil’ Wayne’s catalog, “How to Love,” released this past summer, is significantly different. It shocked people, but in a positive way.

The ballad is a simple acoustic guitar and drum beat track that has minimal auto-tune, a major style change for Lil’ Wayne.

Bieber is not the first artist to cover the laid-back track though. Demi Lovato recently performed her own cover for VHI and others remixed the original, but Bieber’s version wins in the creativity department.

Although Bieber’s rendition is quite similar to the original, he put a spin on it by producing and playing each part live, according to his manager.

The addition of harmonies and another guitar part is a nice touch to create more dimension within the already soulful song. Bieber also snuck in a short rap verse of his own.

Although it is great to hear the ballad sung by pop singers and Lil’ Wayne is nowhere near being a professional vocalist, his original has a rawness that could only be achieved by the man who wrote it.