Update: Fliers sent to APASS

The Dept. of Public Safety is investigating fliers filled with derogatory references to Asian women that were mailed to   Asian-American organizations on the USC and UCLA campuses on Feb. 1. The Asian Pacific American Student Services Department received a flier containing racist and sexist slurs about Asian women dating white men.

DPS Deputy Chief David Carlisle said the department is investigating and speaking with UCLA safety officials but they have yet to produce any leads.

In an open letter to the USC community, APASS Director Mary Ho said the department “will not tolerate such harmful, derogatory and racist slurs directed at the Asian Pacific American community or at any communities.”

UCLA students organized a rally against the flier sent to the Asian American Studies Center with about 50 students participating, according to the Los Angeles Times.

UCLA Chancellor Gene Block asked campus police to investigate the situation, according to a statement released Monday.

“It’s an active investigation,” UCPD Spokesperson Nancy Greenstein said. “I think everybody’s looking at how we can identify the person who’s doing this.”

Block pledged that UCLA will “combat racism and bigotry so that the campus can be the welcoming, respectful environment our community deserves.”

UPDATE, Feb. 19: On Feb. 18, Vice Provost for Student Affairs Ainsley Carry sent a statement regarding the degoratory fliers to USC students via email:

“On February 1st an anonymous letter was sent to the Asian Pacific American Student Services office at the University of Southern California. The letter contained racist, sexist, and hateful language. The same letter was also sent to UCLA’s Asian American Studies Center.

“The University of Southern California denounces the derogatory language used in this letter. We support the firm and thoughtful responses offered by the Asian Pacific American Student Services department, which is part of the USC Division of Student Affairs, and USC student organizations APASS and SCAPE. I am especially proud of the way students at USC and UCLA have responded.

“USC enrolls more international students than any other American university. We enroll significant numbers of under-represented minority students, about 19 percent of our total undergraduate population. About 21 percent of our incoming students are first-generation college students. Students of Asian origin make up about 23 percent of our undergraduate population.

“Our diversity is a point of pride and strength for us, and an asset to our community. The hateful language expressed in this flier is not reflective of our community values.”