In Photos: Living arrangements around the world

Finding housing year to year is a common source of stress for students. Deciding where to live while studying in another country can be even more difficult. While some study abroad programs provide housing for students, other programs require that students find their own arrangements. From dorms, to apartments to homestays, once you’re settled in it’s important to make your new room feel like home. Here’s how some of our bloggers are living around the world.

Student flats in London

Our flat is in the heart of Central London. Our district is called Clerkenwell which is a very ‘up and coming’ area with loads of cute street markets and trendy, hipster coffee shops. We’re about a 10 minute walk from St. Paul’s Cathedral and South Bank. – Maya Anderman


My tiny bedroom comparable to the size of a closet. Maya Anderman | Daily Trojan


Our living room looks out onto the main road and into other office buildings where we frequently people watch. Maya Anderman | Daily Trojan


Our kitchen that comprises an oven, dishwasher, and washer and dryer within about a two-foot wide corner. Maya Anderman | Daily Trojan

Dorm life in Shanghai

At East China Normal University, international students stay in the international dorms, where each floor is separated by gender. The dorm rooms are bigger than dorms at USC, the beds come with bedding that you can change once a week and there’s a lot of storage space  – Jasmine Zahedi

International dorms at East China Normal University. Jasmine Zahedi | Daily Trojan

International dorms at East China Normal University. Jasmine Zahedi | Daily Trojan


East China Normal University provides its international students with lots of storage space and large desks in their rooms. Jasmine Zahedi | Daily Trojan

Homestays in Bilbao

I live one street away from the Guggenheim Museum with an awesome Spanish family. I live with my host dad Tommy who is a notary, my host mom named Blanca who is a lawyer, and their daughters Marcella and Cecilia. Being in the heart of Bilbao, it only takes seven minutes to walk to the University of Deusto and the nearest metro station! – Janis Yue

IMG_9347 (2)

Spainards are very economical with their space. Most homes have washing machines in their kitchens. Janis Yue | Daily Trojan

IMG_9348 (2)

Janis Yue’s bedroom in her Bilbao homestay. Janis Yue | Daily Trojan