G&B Coffee boasts of delectable, yet overpriced drinks

Downtown Los Angeles is known to be home to fresh and hip coffee places — G&B, short for Glanville & Babinski, is one of them. After moving locations from Sqirl, an organic and minimalist restaurant, G&B now considers Grand Central Market its permanent home.

Nestled in the back of the bustling market, G&B Coffee is one of the hottest spots in the whole complex. G&B is known to have one of the “best iced coffees in America.” The coffee shop plays host to a long line of loyal customers and curious coffee connoisseurs at almost every hour of the day. In an era where mainstream coffee chains dominate, quality coffee is hard to find. Despite its exceptional coffee, however, G&B’s price makes it difficult for college students to afford regularly.

The obscure coffee bar features lattes, cappuccinos, pastries and waffles for customers and places to sit while baristas make the drinks. G&B has a unique ordering system, where patrons can order anywhere on the paying screen, instead of an area with a designated cash register, making it easier to order instead of waiting in line. The service is friendly, with baristas greeting customers with warm smiles and taking their orders right away.

The iced almond macadamia milk latte, G&B’s most popular drink, is a creamy and subtle espresso drink that is homemade every single morning. Don’t be fooled by the “latte” in the description — the G&B macadamia milk latte is actually just almond milk made only with water, almonds, macadamias and dates. Coffee and milk lovers will love its light and delicate taste of almond and macadamia served in a cute mason jar.

However, though the coffee is enchanting and delicious, some customers just don’t think the price is worth it. David Lewis, a regular at G&B Coffee and Grand Central Market, said he thinks the quality is great but the price is questionable.

“I work a block away, so I come to G&B once a week as an end of the week treat. I would like to come here more often, but $6 per coffee is just way too much for me,” Lewis said. “They make the almond milk themselves which is pretty cool. I also like the brown butter blondie pastry. Other than that, I think I could probably make similar coffee at home.”

Another highly popular drink, the mocha, available in both hot and iced, is the perfect combination of strong, sweet and light. However, the beverage is a whopping $7.

“It’s my first time in downtown Los Angeles and Grand Central Market, since I lived in Korea most of my life,” commented  a sophomore majoring in public relations Grace Song, “I like how G&B coffee is burrowed in such a cozy and clean environment. It definitely makes me want to explore more of the city.”

Though the atmosphere serves as a sleek and aesthetically pleasing reprieve to the hustling and overcrowded Grand Central Market, G&B Coffee is pretty lively itself. Whether its workers looking to treat themselves to a nice cup of coffee after a long week or college students scoping out the newest coffee place, it’s a fine and quaint place that’ll leave customers wanting to return. Unfortunately, because of its outrageously high prices, probably not often.

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  1. Swag Valance
    Swag Valance says:

    The great irony is that college students will be the first in line to complain that coffee farmers aren’t being paid enough or that café employees should all have health care. But they’re also the first to complain when they are expected to help pay for all of that.

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