Rabbit Crew is a trendy new hub

Gabrielle Robinson | Daily Trojan

On a hot Monday afternoon, Rabbit Crew Coffee & Tea provides a nice refuge in downtown Los Angeles. The modern, trendy cafe is minimalistic in design and offers tons of natural light for visitors. Small succulents adorn the table tops next to books and laptops as people work, study and chat all the while consuming drinks and snacks to escape the heat awaiting them outside.

Inside, the lush decor and natural theme are manifest in a picturesque moss wall, a perfect addition to any Instagram feed. The actual coffee bar is made of gray granite, white wood and glistening stainless steel appliances. The simplicity of the bar is matched by the no-fuss menu and contains coffees, teas and small appetizers for customers to order. A variety of cold and hot drinks are listed as well as an assortment of avocado toasts. For hot days, depending on one’s mood, it would be fitting to order Rabbit Crew’s cold brew, a strong, flavorful dark roast; or the matcha green tea iced latte, a refreshing thirst quencher. Looking throughout the cafe, the latte is a popular order.

For those who have been searching for a boba place, Rabbit Crew is also a place to visit. Every drink comes with the option of adding boba for $1. The boba is just the right amount of soft, easy to eat but also chewy enough.

A selection of avocado toasts awaits customers as part of Rabbit Crew’s brunch menu. The classic avocado toast consists of a piece of sourdough bread topped with sliced avocados, cherry tomatoes and chives, topped with a poached egg and finished with a sprinkle of peppercorn. The yolk runs smoothly across the piece of  toast once it is broken and makes for a nice addition that ties all the flavors together. The peppercorn adds a hint of spice to the otherwise creamy and sweet avocado toast. It is definitely one of the highlights of Rabbit Crew’s menu.

Aside from the classic avocado toast, Rabbit Crew’s brunch menu also offers salmon and crab salad toasts. The salmon toast is accompanied by a bed of avocado, and garnished with tomatoes, pickled onions, sesame seeds and basil. It’s a particularly filling toast that is simultaneously spicy and sour. The crab salad toast is extremely decadent, made with heaps of blue crab and embellished with slices of cucumber, tomato, onions and a huge slice of avocado on top. The crab salad toast is definitely a must-try for those looking to treat themselves out.

The prices are reasonable and first-time customers get a discount, the perfect incentive for people who have yet to visit. In terms of convenience, Rabbit Crew is located right off Interstate 10, on South Santa Fe Avenue, a mere 10 minutes from campus and at the edge of the Arts District.

Overall, Rabbit Crew has a warm, welcoming atmosphere, friendly baristas, reasonably good drinks and fantastic avocado toasts. It is yet another trendy coffee house people should add to their repertoire of L.A. coffee joints.