Late-night munchies: a guide to 24-hour eateries

Tyler Kowta | Daily Trojan

Every college student has experienced the dilemma of craving Chipotle at 3 in the morning. But don’t worry; there are plenty of 24-hour establishments around Los Angeles that will satisfy your late-night hankerings. When your stomach is rumbling  at an unreasonable hour, these restaurants will sate your appetite:

El Huero

One of USC’s finest is El Huero, everyone’s favorite roadside establishment that serves students from dusk till dawn right across from the Row. Maybe it’s not the classiest joint, but certainly it’s  the best way to cure post-party comedowns and it has been a longtime staple of Figueroa Street. El Huero’s menu touts a variety of standard Mexican grub, including vegetarian options, and its infamous carne asada fries are many students’ go-to “drunchies.” With only one location in existence, El Huero truly is a local gem.

Kitchen 24

Kitchen 24 provides comfort food that will rival your mother’s. Treat yourself to the greasy goodness of fast food in a classy setting. Here, you will be greeted by friendly staff who stand over a sea of candy enclosed by glass cases, well out of your reach until you’re seated in a comfortable and perfectly pink booth. The restaurant emphasizes hearty, fresh and homemade menu items and is committed to becoming a home for everyone in the communities it serves. This eatery boasts locations in both Hollywood and West Hollywood and offers a myriad sweet and savory foods you won’t want your personal trainer to know about — plus $15 bottomless Bloody Marys and mimosas on Saturdays.

24/7 DTLA

If you were a freshman at USC any time in the past decade, you have probably taken pictures on the rooftop of the Standard Hotel. What you may not have realized is that this popular photo spot is also home to a 24-hour restaurant on the lower level of the hotel. This trendy restaurant has three separate menus: All-Day, Overnight and Weekend Brunch. The spread of food is immense, ranging from brioche to burgers and coffee to cocktails, and is sure to have quick bites to satisfy all cravings.

The Original Pantry Cafe

Another downtown landmark appeared in 1924 in the form of The Original Pantry Cafe. Every time I walk past it, the line is snaked around the block and satisfied customers are packed inside. It’s the perfect detour on the way back from work, and is one of the easiest downtown restaurants to visit even if you don’t have a car; the Metro Expo line will take you there in just 14 minutes. The iconic cafe only accepts cash, however; there’s a convenient ATM right by the cash register. And besides, who doesn’t like to get breakfast for dinner?

Los Angeles’ dynamic nightlife isn’t merely limited to bars and clubs. Explore the city, eat to your heart’s content and extend the hours of conversation — and your waist measurement — at these prime, 24-hour eateries.