Billie Eilish’s distinct vocals and creative sets are back in concert

Photo courtesy: @billieeilish

Asleep, Where Do We Go?” back in March of this year. However, her tour was quickly postponed because of the coronavirus pandemic. On Saturday, she was back performing a livestream concert with incredible visuals, stunning vocals and a strong message to get out and vote. 

The livestream began with Eilish talking to her crew; she explained how so many people have either lost their jobs or have been unable to do them because of the pandemic, her touring crew included. She emphasized the importance of doing this show for them and, of course, for her fans at home. We also got a special glimpse into her documentary that is coming out in 2021.

She kicked off the concert with her hit song “Bury a Friend.” From the start, Eillish’s unmatched energy and vocals were on display. What could have been awkward silences between each song ended up being moments filled with applause from her crew and words of love and motivation from Eilish herself.

Known for her interesting music videos, sets and creative direction, this concert was no exception. The incredible XR-technology, creative camera shots and 3D design created an experience unlike any other. You were able to step into each song and see the world Eilish had imagined for each.

Eilish then performed her song, “My Strange Addiction.” The electronic beat had her on her feet and moving. She has previously stated that her own strange addiction is the show “The Office,” so the song includes sampled quotes from the episode “Threat Level Midnight” weaved into the lyrics.

Moving seamlessly from song to song, Eilish then sang “Ocean Eyes.” The iconic song shot her to fame in 2016 when she was only 14 years old. Her whispered singing voice and beautiful tone instantly drew in the audience. This was a stark contrast to her previous songs as Eilish took a more simple and relaxed method to performing this song. 

Next came my all-time favorite song: “I Love You.” The love song shows a softer and more emotional side to Eilish. She sings this song flawlessly accompanied by her brother, Finneas, on the guitar; the co-writer and producer of all of Eilish’s songs. 

The show then picked back up with her song “Ilomilo,” another upbeat performance with crazy visuals. During the song, the audience was immersed in an underwater scene with seaweed and ocean animals. This creative take added an extra layer because it felt like we were in the song as opposed to just listening to it. Eilish’s creative choice matched the song perfectly.

Then came one of Eilish’s newer songs, “No Time to Die,” the featured song in the next James Bond movie. Although the release of the movie has been pushed back, Eilish’s song has been out for months and shows a different side to her vocals. While she is usually more soft and delicate, in “No Time to Die,” Eilish really belts at the peak moment of the song as the orchestra rises behind her. The song highlights all of Eilish’s range and she sings it just as well live as she does in the recording.

Eilish continued her performance with “When the Party’s Over” and “All the Good Girls to Hell.” Both songs are cult favorites and show off Eilish’s two sides: one softer and more emotional, the other more dark and electronic. 

Between each song Eilish repeatedly talked about how much she missed performing and her fans. She has always been very outspoken about politics and her beliefs on social media, and the livestream was no exception. Plastered on the screen behind her was a powerful statement: “No Music on a Dead Planet.” Eilish encouraged her young fans to get out and vote and make a change and talked about how she just recently voted and how change needs to happen in this manner. 

From there, Eilish went into her song “Everything I Wanted.” Behind her were live videos of fans who were watching the stream, all singing along. It was an emotional performance that perfectly showcased her relationship with her fans. As her fans disappeared behind her, Eilish began to sing her newest song “My Future,” which she released during the lockdown. The song’s beautiful message and jazz-like quality instantly lifts your spirits, especially during these hard times. 

Eilish closed out her show with her hit song, “Bad Guy.” Its upbeat rhythm makes the song the perfect way to close out any performance; it’s guaranteed to make you dance.

Livestream concerts can be hard. Without any fans to create energy in the venue, artists can seem lost or unenthusiastic. Not Billie Eillish. She came out with all the same energy, put on a great show, and showed so much love and appreciation to her fans. Although watching a concert from your bed is not quite the same experience, in today’s world, I think we all will take what we can get.

Rating: 5/5