Additional nominees a welcome change

For the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, the idea of awarding a single film the coveted title of best picture of the year has always been complicated. Sometimes the right film wins, sometimes the wrong film wins and sometimes the wrong film wins a record number of Oscars. No matter which film eventually […]

Websites foster musical creativity

You know you have downloaded music from the Internet at some point or another. It’s so easy to get the latest Matisyahu album or the newest single from Lady Gaga with just a click of the button. It’s quick, easy and gives us new music now. Downloading music is something everyone has done and most […]

Student’s fruit-based dessert whips it good

Maybe it is the icy winds of L.A. winter, but Yogurtland seems a bit lonelier these days. Could it be that frozen yogurt — back from the dead after its ’80s heyday thanks to Korean fro-yo chains — is another fading trend? You needn’t look far to find one potential heir to the frosty throne. […]

Patti Smith confronts new school celebrity

If the Grammys telecast Sunday and the recent Golden Globe Awards taught us anything, it’s that products that are mass produced to possess inherent widespread appeal have become synonymous with award-winning talent. Of course, it’s been this way for some time, and to harp on the grotesque nature of voyeurism and shameless self-promotion in relation […]

U.K.’s hands-off education policy puts students in control

From behind, wild cackling erupts from the depths of someone’s throat. To the left, gangly arms flail about hoping to catch fleeting attention. Screams, loud noises and laughter give the room an air of madness. No, you’re not in a zoo. You’re in a classroom in City University London the sixth most popular university in […]

Mad Mel returns with a vengence

A Hollywood comeback is never easy, especially when most of Hollywood perceives you to be an anti-Semite with a drinking problem who recently left his wife of more than 25 years for a much younger woman who has just given birth. Mel Gibson, a man once very near the top of the Hollywood hierarchy, is […]

How to lifehack your way through college

Most people will tell you that a computer is nothing more than a time waster, and that doing something productive usually requires that you log off. In this case, however, the popular knowledge doesn’t hold. Computers and the Internet are some of the most important tools college students have to make their lives easier, more […]

The secret world of nut butters: it’s more than peanuts

When exams are bearing down and the munchies kick in at 3 a.m., if it’s between ice cream and peanut butter, I’m going for the peanut butter. Creamy, crunchy and tinged with kindergarten nostalgia, peanut butter is a great food for traveling and snacking. But just as your world was rocked when you discovered cheese […]

All-ages venue thrives in Downtown’s gritty underground

When the news broke in early 2003 that the Birch Hill Night Club, which sat on the border of Marlboro and Old Bridge, N.J., was sold to housing developers looking to construct an active adult community estate, teenagers in both townships, as well as the surrounding areas, swelled with hormone-driven anger. If you were classified […]

London transplant hasn’t the foggiest

I have a confession to make. I am no longer a virgin to snow. During winter break, for two glorious days, I saw snow fall to the ground for the very first time. Contently watching from indoors while white powder peacefully rose above the windowsill like the ocean tide, the L.A. native inside of me […]