Online spoilers ruin all the fun

My name is Nicholas Slayton, and I was a spoiler addict. No matter how hard we try to wait for the endings and plot thickeners of our favorite movies, books and shows, spoilers abound. The largest source of these are the Internet, where everything from the twists to the season finale of 24 to the […]

Going raw: uncooked foods can add to any healthy diet

“Guess what’s in it,” I told my dad as he licked the spoon and pondered my new batch of lime pudding. “There are only three ingredients.” The lime flavor was obvious, and I had already told him about my addition of the natural sweetener Stevia. “What could the third be?” he wondered. “Milk?” “Nope. Avocado.” […]

The Dude strikes gold with latest film role

Jeff Bridges’ nearly forty-year acting career in Hollywood has earned him four Academy Award nominations, but it is his latest film, Crazy Heart, that could easily become the actor’s first win. With such an impressive career, however, Bridges is more often associated with The Big Lebowski and his iconic portrayal of The Dude. Since its […]

More than ever, viewers look to the web for new T.V. shows

These days it is hard to find something good on T.V. Long-form shows tend to get canceled in their first season because of poor ratings and network meddling (like the genius shows Firefly and Traveler), while the ones that are lucky to last long are nearly done, such as Lost. Because of the recession, it […]

Doughnut company tosses out the fryer

Few things are more sinister than doughnuts. They may be soft and fluffy, but nix the glaze and creamy filling and doughnuts are really just a piece of deep-fried cake. At least the deep-fried Snickers bar was honest about it. Those looking for an alternative to sugary-sweet breakfast pastries, however, could end up dealing with […]

New Year’s Eve performance reveals timeless pop diva

This past New Year’s Eve, Manhattan witnessed a second hotspot of frenetic plastic sunglass and top hat-clad citygoers in addition to the 12-hour long bash at Times Square. Barely 10 blocks south of the world’s most famous bejeweled ball, “the world’s most famous arena” was abuzz with something much larger than an ordinary Knicks or […]

The future of LA is forever shapeshifting

Los Angeles is the future. Or, that’s what it used to be. Though the city is still part of the American myth of manifest destiny and upward mobility, Los Angeles is also part of a state that seems to be in a constant state of both disarray and innovation. Even the first introduction to the […]

Stepping out of our Internet bubble

No matter how bad your day is going, the Internet will always be there for you. Whether you need the new download from your favorite music blog or the comfort of a social network to prove you still have friends, the web has got your back. As long as your wireless network is working, you […]

When ‘creeping’ on co-workers, keep as stealthy as possible

Since the advent of Facebook, the term “creeping” has become rather mainstream. For all you non-stalker types, Facebook creeping generally involves adding someone as a friend, browsing all 863 of their tagged photos, committing their favorite quotes to memory and then performing an advanced Google search on anyone you suspect could have been his or […]