Office turns quirks into irritating habits

Our mothers might say our quirks are what make us who we are; they give us “character.” Unfortunately, some quirks aren’t so charming and can sometimes manifest themselves as bad habits, which are notoriously hard to break. Sometimes, they are so deeply ingrained in a person’s behavior that turning them off is a nearly impossible […]

Single-screen theaters cultivate best and worst of indie film

What can you say about a movie in 200 words? At the Daily Trojan, the word count for film reviews stands at somewhere around 800. At other papers, that number runs higher or lower depending on the editor and, more frequently these days, the bean counters behind the arts section. Put all those words together, […]

Clichés inevitable in likening cities

There are two destinations where dreamers go to pursue wealth and fame: If you’re reading this, you’ve probably chosen Los Angeles. The other city, LA’s older sibling, still serves as a destination for wide-eyed youths yearning to make it big: New York City, which, on this side of the country, can inspire either wonder and […]

Every time Miley quits Twitter, a kitten dies

The hot scandal in Hollywood right now is, unsurprisingly, a feud involving a certain Disney star we love to hate. Yes, Miley Cyrus is at it again, but she’s taken it up a notch: Instead of warring with Selena Gomez, she’s out to defeat Twitter, once and for all. A few weeks ago, Cyrus made […]

Better late than never does not apply in the working world

Since elementary school, our elders have tried to instill in us the value of punctuality. Although unpacking your backpack and starting your in-class assignment before the first bell rang was rarely rewarded, showing up late was all-too-frequently grounds for disciplinary measures: a proverbial slap on the wrist, a dreaded “tardy” marring your otherwise perfect attendance […]

Von Trier’s arrogance pays off in Antichrist

As Saw VI festers in theaters, American horror and the torture-porn subgenre have become inextricably connected. And just about nobody sees this as a step in the right direction. The main flaw usually assigned to these particular horror films is the nihilistic quality of the violence. After all, without characters identifiable on a psychological level, […]

Depression-era book captures LA’s essence

Eighty years ago today, thousands lost their wealth in a series of unfortunate economic events. As stock values plummeted, so did the Los Angeles pride that had been built up through the growth of California industry. The infamous Black Tuesday launched a nationwide economic depression that caused staunch politicians in decades following to initiate programs […]

Halloween brings out the best and worst

So tell me: Why was the skeleton afraid to cross the road? I must have used this joke at least 30 times each year to get my precious, long-awaited candy. Nearly every person who opened their doors demanded a joke before allowing me a handful of sweets and, loving the sudden spotlight as a comedian, […]

A professional link to social networking

You know the story: You interview for the job of your dreams and walk out confident. Your interviewer Googles you, Facebooks you and generally stalks you on every website possible, and, in doing so, comes up with a few good reasons — namely, your history of naked keg stands — why you are not a […]

Climbing up the corporate ladder

Part of working in an office is respecting, or at the very least recognizing, the hierarchy of the workplace. Especially as a young person trying to climb the corporate ladder, you must check your ego at the door and accept your role and your responsibilities, no matter how ignoble they may be. In some professions, […]