Local band’s catchy full-length album enchants listeners

After much anticipation, Los Angeles indie pop band The Happy Hollows releases its first full-length album this fall. For those lucky enough to have seen the eclectic group live on campus at KSCRfest last semester or for those who where hooked on its Imaginary EP, the wait is finally over. To say that this album […]

New album fails to ‘Breakthrough’ sophomore slump

You know that ditsy, naïve, overly cheerful girl in class you just can’t stand? That’s Colbie Caillat on her sophomore album, Breakthrough, a dim-witted collection of redundant, uninspired and excessively sunny boy-crush songs. I’ll be the first to admit my soft spot for Colbie Caillat and her deliciously raspy voice; Coco was a solid feel-good […]

Songstress returns from musical hiatus with long-awaited album

It’s been a long time coming — four years to be exact — but Imogen Heap has finally released her third solo album, Ellipse. It’s an event comparable to the second coming for her devoted cult following, and boy, was it worth the wait. In recent years, the British electropop artist has become a ubiquitous, […]