Ask Tiffany: Join the SCenior Stress Party!

Hi Tiffany! I am a senior, graduating in May (LESS THAN FOUR MONTHS AAAHHH!!!). I need your advice. I’m trying to live up my senior year as best I can, but I sometimes feel like I am drowning in a pile of work. I thought senior year was supposed to be fun and carefree? I […]

Ask Tiffany: Keeping a beau in limbo

I met this amazing guy while studying abroad last year, but there was no expectation for anything serious because I’d have to go back to America. I recently saw him again during a family trip to Europe, and our feelings are still there, stronger than ever! We have an undeniable connection, but I have had bad experiences with […]

Ask Tiffany: Friendzoning 101

“I have a friend who keeps wanting to hang out. He’s really awesome, but I fear he likes me more than platonically. How do I non-awkwardly, non-confrontationally, non-friendship-destroyingly relay the message that I am uninterested in a more-than-friends relationship but still really would like to be homies?!?!” Making yourself a little less available is a […]

Ask Tiffany: Living and Learning with Anxiety

I let my anxiety get the best of me this fall semester and chose to defer until spring. My anxiety (which takes the form of nausea) feels like it’s taking over my life; when I was at school, I tried to attend classes, and found 10 minutes into class I couldn’t handle it and left. I’m not […]

Ask Tiffany: A pledge to keep his values

Dear Tiffany,  I’m really nervous about joining a frat because I heard they make you do terrible and gross things during pledging. How can I make sure I don’t have to compromise my values but still have a thriving social life? – Nervous Nelly Despite attempts to hide pledging lore away in dirty frat house […]

Ask Tiffany: Am I out of his League?

Dear Tiffany, My boyfriend and I have been together for five years. The relationship is stable, and I’m sure he loves me. But the thing is, he doesn’t really a goal in life and he is in his mid-twenties. He works during the day (service industry) and plays League of Legends at night. He’s not […]

Ask Tiffany: Gobsmacked by lip-smacking ex

Dear Tiffany, My high school boyfriend and I both chose to attend USC, but we broke up right before the beginning of freshman year. Four years later, I have an amazing boyfriend, and see my ex fairly often. Recently, my interactions with my ex have become a little weird. I saw him making out with […]

Ask Tiffany: Reading the signs…on his ex’s pregnancy test

Dear Tifffany,  I’m currently ardently in love with someone we’ll call Steven, and we’ve been together since this March. Before Steven and I were together, he was with another girl for three years. He slept with me while they were together without telling me about her existence, but I forgave him when I found out. […]

Ask Tiffany: Hiking away from mukbang nightmares

Dear Tiffany, What are the best hiking spots you’ve been to in L.A./within a two-hour radius of L.A.? I want to get my hike on, but I’m a newbie to this whole being fit thing. Not going to lie, I avoided answering this question for a long time because I didn’t want to encourage increased […]