Glass Animals demonstrates eccentricity and hesitance to conform

Defying categorization with its signature blend of rock, pop and electronica, indie quartet Glass Animals delivered a gorgeous performance replete with kaleidoscopic lights and a gold-plated, pineapple-shaped disco ball on Thursday evening at The Shrine. Since releasing one of the strongest debut records to date in 2014, ZABA, Glass Animals — comprising lead vocalist Dave […]

Harry Styles stuns on first tour as solo artist

Harry Styles isn’t your typical rockstar. He has a smattering of tattoos, but of arbitrary, non-threatening objects — a mermaid, a butterfly, sparrows. Underneath his perfectly coiffed pompadour lies a verisimilar face reminiscent of gritty rock god Mick Jagger. He transitioned from the guilty-pleasure, wholesome pop of his former boy band One Direction to a […]

In-Transit: Finally learning to embrace my home

I grew up amid a whirlwind of start-ups, coding and technology. People learned the word “entrepreneur” before they learned algebra. My entire life, I lived a hop, skip and a jump away from the most revolutionary companies in the world. As I matured, I realized that medicine, engineering or coding were not what I ultimately […]

Lessons in improvising a search for meaning through music

For as long as I can remember, I have been obsessed with figuring out the meaning of life. I have sort of a recurring issue, where every so often I stumble across some concept that seems like it might lead to a meaning, something that feels “right” or “important.” Gradually, I start to think about […]

Rostam showcases explosive skill in new album

Whether they know it or not, pop music listeners have been affected by Rostam’s explosive creativity and musical talent. Although he’s most famously known as an ex-member of indie rock band Vampire Weekend, he’s also responsible for delivering some of the most transformative sounds in contemporary music. With every artist vying to cut through pop’s […]