Hungry? Try some Korean classics

It’s that time of year again. You trudge into the new semester, lugging boxes of clothes, furniture, stationery and assorted Old Navy flip-flops into a bare room, excited or not to start unpacking and decorating your new home. Whether or not you call yourself a foodie, a more pressing matter is at hand — stocking […]

A series of tubes that won’t go away

I got the title for my Internet-themed column from ex-Senator Ted Stevens’ comments on net neutrality. In 2006, Stevens mixed up the words “Internet” and “e-mail,” and then gave an incorrect account of how e-mail traffic works, saying that “[the Internet is] not a big truck — it’s a series of tubes.” It seemed at […]

Grub on! Explore USC’s best in chow

We all love to rant about $8 Caesar salads or the “Italian food” at Everybody’s Kitchen, but between questionable prices and soggy pasta, USC has a few well-kept secrets, both on campus or within walking distance. The wise senior has probably discovered all of these, but has long since forgone a meal plan and might […]

Indie rock survives in oppressive Tehran

The formation of underground music scenes is hardly a novel concept. In the United States, music countercultures have always flourished when political tensions peak and carbon copies of a particular sonic trend flood the airwaves. The rock subgenre of punk pierced the flower-child movement as early as 1967 with harder-edged groups like the Stooges and […]

Stranded in Europe at the mercy of ash

It’s midnight on a Sunday as I write my very last column of the semester from a computer at a hostel in Prague. Only at this time of night can I avoid the dirty looks I’d normally get for commandeering the sole machine with Internet access. On a computer without Microsoft Office, Google Docs has […]

Stallone’s Expendables unites action film elites

There was once a time when action films ruled cinema. But these were not the action films of today, which safely harbor a PG-13 rating. These films glorified their R rating and ushered in as much on-screen violence, sexuality and as many cheesy one-liners as possible. The 1980s showcased these over-the-top action films best. And […]

Hackers break rules to spur progress

The other day I was listening to some friends discuss how to get around USC’s ban on peer-to-peer file-sharing. One advocated simply going off-campus and finding another Internet connection, but the other talked about creating a program to go around USC’s firewalls that would allow him to download songs from the comfort of his dorm […]

To cure what ails you, check out your pantry

When they say you shouldn’t medicate with food, what they really mean is that you shouldn’t medicate with a pint of Ben & Jerry’s Cherry Garcia. In reality, your grocery store can be a go-to spot for many common ailments. People have battled hangovers since we discovered hops, and PMS is in no way a […]

Record Store Day spurs vinyl comeback

Saturday, April 17, 6:59 a.m.: A line of bleary-eyed yet eager shoppers snaked along the sidewalk adjacent to Fingerprints, an independently run music shop in the Belmont Shore section of Long Beach. The throng, a shoddy assortment of teenagers and adults donning jeans and sneakers, plaid button-downs and band T-shirts, was a somewhat unusual fixture […]

Notorious serial killer is out of place in modern London

As the familiar neon sign of the Tower Hill Tube station glowed brightly against the backdrop of the setting sun, a male figure loomed ominously in the shadows. He wore a cavernous trench coat and a brown fedora, giving me the distinct impression that it had been lifted straight out of an Indiana Jones movie. […]