French film shows how far we have to go

“The idea is to learn something in here for when you get out,” Reyeb tells Malik, the main character in A Prophet — a film about a young thug who learns how to develop his own criminal network while incarcerated in a maximum security prison. Not only was the French film nominated for best foreign […]

Can government stop Internet freedom?

While earthquakes, health care reform and Tiger Woods have dominated mainstream news in the last months, there’s another story that has been steadily making waves in the international and online world — Google vs. China. In January, Google claimed to be the victim of a hacking attack that originated from computers in China. In response, […]

Blender-produced fare is a mixed bag

Want to play passive-aggressive and keep your hallmates up at night? Crave luscious drinks, savory soups and decadent pâtés? One appliance can deliver them all — your blender. Whether you are still stuck in a dorm room or have your own kitchen, a blender is an incredibly easy appliance to use and store. For many, […]

Gaga’s new video revitalizes the genre

Think back to a time when you were anxiously awaiting the release of a music video. It’s been awhile, hasn’t it? Like the novelty of seeing a film in its theatrical release, producing visually intriguing stories set to music has been worn so thin that music videos are on the verge of becoming obsolete — […]

Blogging provides students a soapbox

This week I did something that I never thought I would do — I started a blog. Blogging has become a nearly ubiquitous hobby for our generation — at least, that’s how it’s sometimes portrayed by the media. While the blogosphere is quite vocal, not everyone has a blog, especially not every college student. Still, […]

Travel snacks: eat right in flight

Unless you scored seats on your own private jet, flying home for spring break holds a few certainties: You will encounter a squealing baby, someone with a hacking cough and in-flight food that is unpalatable to a starving refugee. What happened to edible airline food? The burgers have radioactive cheese and the hot dogs are […]

Music biopic’s Oscar wins aren’t that Crazy

Kathryn Bigelow’s Oscar win Sunday evening was unprecedented. Jeff Bridges’ win, however, was not. Certainly for Bridges, a five-time Academy Award nominee, his Oscar victory for his performance in Crazy Heart is unprecedented — and long overdue — when considering his prolific film career. But this isn’t the first time an actor has garnered the […]

Comedy club shows off London humour

If I ever put out a personal ad, I would only need one line: “Single girl in search of funny man.” And because I also like guys with British accents, the idea of a British comedian makes me weak in the knees. So during my regular midnight session of Googling for the best places to […]

Good cops, bad cops similarly glorified

There are few characters in film that are more glorified than police officers. Whether honest or corrupt, to be a cop on screen is to add flair and poignancy to a job that, while noble in actuality, is hardly ever glorified in the same manner. Throughout film history, cops have been romanticized, cast as saviors […]

Getting to know L.A. the online way

Last August, I was packing my bags in preparation to start at USC when I realized that I really did not know Los Angeles. I had been visiting family in Southern California for years, but I really didn’t know what it was like to live in the city. I was coming from the suburbs of […]