Film explores emotion across spectrum

It’s difficult to say whether grief or love is the greatest emotion one can experience. Both are overwhelming, full-body sensations that tend to linger long after the damage is done. So it’s no surprise, then, how one can replace the other over time. In The Greatest, a character-driven family drama that premiered at the 2009 […]

First foray into filmmaking needs work

Don McKay is writer/director Jake Goldberger’s feature film debut. The independent film premiered almost a year ago at the 2009 Tribeca Film Festival and is finally getting a wider release in Los Angeles, New York and Boston this week. Starring Thomas Haden Church (Sideways), Elizabeth Shue (Leaving Lost Vegas) and Melissa Leo (Frozen Rivers), the […]

New Nicholas Sparks adaptation is almost touching

Nicholas Sparks’ novels are formulaic, simple and cheesy, but girls love them. Adaptations of Sparks’ novels have the potential to be transformed for the screen into an epic love story, like The Notebook, but they can just as easily fizzle out into Razzy-worthy trainwrecks. The movie version of The Last Song was a giant “almost” […]

South Korean film finds humor in cruelty

Mothers are strange beasts. Their relationships with their children are far more complex and imperfect than most realize until they are parents themselves. Some women come to hate their children while others, like the older lady at the center of director Joon-ho Bong’s Mother, develop an unhealthy obsession with their offspring. Bong’s first South Korean […]

Burton presents new vision of old territory

For seasoned filmmaker Tim Burton, negotiating the fine line between his role as a sweetheart of Hot Topic patrons and a director exploring the boundaries of commercial viability is a full-time job. Alice in Wonderland’s wide release opening today marks the director’s most recent effort to darken the silver screen. In the film, Burton tells […]

Shutter Island is good, but not Scorsese’s best

Now, the question here isn’t whether or not Shutter Island is a good film — because it most certainly is. The question, given the director’s glowing repertoire and ’06 masterpiece, is whether or not Shutter Island is a great film. All things considered, Shutter Island finds Martin Scorsese sorely out of his element. Teddy Daniels […]

Unsophisticated ploys cheapen latest Polanski thriller

The Ghost Writer, controversial Oscar-winning director Roman Polanski’s newest film, was made under intense personal stress. Filmed in exile, edited under house arrest and released during complicated legal troubles, the resulting film is a claustrophobic, compelling thriller that feels only a little bit rushed. Some guys can’t write five-paragraph essays after their girlfriends break up […]

Remake offers classic horror thrills for modern audiences

In 1941, Universal Pictures released the archetypal werewolf movie, The Wolf Man. Chilling and atmospheric, the film told the story of a man (Lon Chaney Jr.) who, upon returning to his father’s home in Wales, was bitten by a werewolf and inherited the now-infamous curse. In addition to providing moviegoers with 70 minutes of fright, […]