Snow Patrol’s mix tape won’t last through the ‘Night’

In the ’90s, girls and boys raced to boom boxes to listen to the latest mix tape made by their significant others. But in a generation where iPods have replaced CDs and cassette tapes, the personalized compilations in which teenagers poured their souls have turned into mechanical playlists created by the genius button in iTunes. […]

Brit band parts on a solid note

In 2002, four North London blokes banded together to form The Rakes — a snappy, in-your-face rock band known for its politically conscious tunes and moody melodies. Spitting humor and lyric-heavy songs across two successful records, the band released its newest album Klang on Oct. 20. Over seven wild years, the young quartet made of […]

Binary brings the best

Looking to eschew electronica stereotypes, USC alumni founded the label Binary Entertainment to cultivate innovative LA musicians.