Thornton Symphony’s ‘The Triumph of Life’ celebrates human spirit

The USC Thornton Symphony took the stage at Bovard Auditorium on Friday, filling the air with notes both tragic and victorious. Titled “The Triumph of Life,” the concert included symphonic works by two heralded composers: Allegro maestoso from Symphony No. 2 in C Minor by Gustav Mahler and Symphony No. 5, Op. 100 in B-flat […]

‘Stand-Ups Speak Out’ comedy show explores racial identity

“Can we joke about race in America?” was the leading description to Visions & Voices’ latest event, Stand-ups Speak Out. The answer, as one might expect, was an overwhelming “yes” from one of the most diverse crowds I had ever seen at a USC event. Even comedian Jenny Yang was surprised: “I like diversity but […]

Fémmoirs: It’s time for Asian Americans to check our privilege

Dear Asian Americans: It’s time to check our privilege. Sometimes, we all have the feeling that the world is going insane. This past week — especially in the wake of Hurricane Irma, the impending Hurricane Jose nearing the Caribbean islands, the 8.1 magnitude earthquake that shook southern Mexico and the political turmoil currently disrupting American […]

The Altar installation to explore heartbreak

From Petrarch’s sonnets to Taylor Swift’s heartbroken ballads, there exists a historical tradition of recounting tales of lost love and transforming the art that stems from the relationships into some sort of retribution. That is exactly what Brooklyn-based artist Kate Stone seeks to capture in her month-long installation, The Altar: Good Memories of Bad Love, […]

‘O Solo Homo’ delivers charged queer performances

On Wednesday evening, the Brain & Creativity Institute’s Joyce J. Cammilleri Hall was buzzing with anticipation for the latest Visions & Voices Event, “O Solo Homo.” The event was a celebration of queer performance and headlined by Marga Gomez and Tim Miller. Gomez is a writer, actress, stand-up comedian and recipient of the GLAAD award […]

Realizing the empowerment that female relationships bring

Throughout the years, everyone around me seemed to envy the girls who could “fit in with the boys.” In movies and in real life, I heard on multiple occasions, “I don’t know, I just get along with guys better. They’re so much less drama.” A younger me looked at those girls in amazement. I thought […]

“IT” does Stephen King’s original novel justice

It is an example of what horror movies should be: fun, exhilarating, terrifying, humorous. Far too often, horror films nowadays rely on shock value, whether it be through excessive gore or obnoxious jump scares. While It may employ the occasional jump scare, the film instead tends to rely on atmosphere, tension and suspense to keep […]

Yaeji debuts feminine, minimalist electronic sound in EP

On Aug. 28, New York-based house producer and vocalist Yaeji released a single featuring primarily Korean lyrics and a catchy and consistent pop beat, offering surreal yet substantial advice such as, “Put the unexpected tomorrow/on the back of your hands/and apply it in a circular motion.” The cryptic lyrics are perfectly complemented by the accompanying […]

Late-night munchies: a guide to 24-hour eateries

Every college student has experienced the dilemma of craving Chipotle at 3 in the morning. But don’t worry; there are plenty of 24-hour establishments around Los Angeles that will satisfy your late-night hankerings. When your stomach is rumbling  at an unreasonable hour, these restaurants will sate your appetite: El Huero One of USC’s finest is […]

Kaufman boasts diverse minors

As USC’s newest institution, the Glorya Kaufman School of Dance has quickly created a distinguished program for dancers across all genres. Since its founding in 2012, talented dancers have flocked to this program, including several members of the Miniotics, a youth dance team that has competed in numerous competitions across the United States. The most […]