SCA co-hosts Native American Short Films showcase

Young Indigenous children grow up with minuscule representation on the screen. If they see themselves, it is normally a Western representation of Native Americans. Over time, filmmaking regarding Natives has felt disingenuous as it tends to be created by non-Natives.  The zealous lust and romanticization of Manifest Destiny have been detrimental to all Native American […]

For Your Consideration: Believe women

While Alexa Demie is just another celebrity swept up in a fleeting internet conspiracy, the fixation on her being 25 versus 30 points to a larger issue of ageism in Hollywood.

Unquirky: My ‘Euphoria’ makeup adventure

Drawing inspiration from the makeup looks on the hit show "Euphoria," Anna Velychko took three days to experiment with how makeup can act as a form of self expression and a boost of confidence.