During childhood, ignorance is bliss

What is it about a child that makes truth a fluid, flexible thing? When I was a kid, I was lied to. A lot. I was gullible, impressionable and, in all honesty, my mind was like Play-Doh — easily molded by whoever got their hands on it. Was I weak in character? Was I an […]

Cirque du Soleil delivers a ‘spectacular, spectacular’

Whispers of excitement, sharp intakes of breath and utterances of sheer disbelief all emanate from a mesmerized crowd, collectively transported — if only for a moment — to a land not quite human, where anything is possible. That’s the circus for you. Specifically, that’s Kooza, a new touring Cirque du Soleil masterpiece now running at […]

Honoring the best ways to waste time

This past weekend, thousands of people stepped away from their computers and traveled to Las Vegas. Sin City was this year’s home to the Blog World Expo, and geeks everywhere gathered not to gamble, but to talk about their social networking habits. Every day, the Internet is gaining more recognition as not only a communication […]