After midterms, failure to compromise will be lethal

On Wednesday morning, The New York Times sent the following breaking news alert via its mobile app: “Obama and G.O.P. Speak of Cooperation.” Beyond the utterly sad implication that politicians deciding to (heaven forbid) cooperate with one another warrants the title of “Breaking News,” the story that ran not just in The New York Times, […]

Wake up, America: Detroit’s people need help

The media magicians have pulled their greatest switcheroo yet: convincing the nation to care more about the Ebola virus than violations of basic human rights happening in Detroit. The following is intended to reverse that trend.   You read that right, by the way: Detroit. Not Baghdad, Kabul, Damascus or Guantanamo. Detroit, Michigan — an […]

Screen on Sound: The Jeff Goldblum edition

In this week’s installment of Screen on Sound, Lifestyle columnists Landon McDonald and Daniel Grzywacz talk about the recent and upcoming movie releases, as well as what’s hot on TV.