General Education S4E8: Mental Health Vigil at Tommy Trojan

Fresh off the university’s new fall break, we’re back to talk about mental health on campus. A student-led mental health awareness vigil took place Monday night, with speeches from Dean of Religious Life Varun Soni assistant director of outreach and prevention services Kelly Greco. Music by Joakim Karud.

General Education S4E6: Hate Speech on Campus

How should USC handle a student group that other student groups say promotes hate speech? Nearly 30 students silently walked out of an event last Thursday featuring Michael Knowles, a far-right commentator and author. The talk was hosted by conservative student group Young Americans for Freedom. Protestors called on USC to revoke YAF’s status as […]

General Education S4E5: Confronting Controversy

USC celebrated the inauguration of its 12th president last Friday, after multiple scandals rocked the University and prompted the resignation of former president Max Nikias. Music by Joakim Karud. Find us on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

Rhythm and News S3E1: Combining Perspectives — Student Art Outside Roski

Listen to “Combining Perspectives: Student Art Outside Roski” on Spreaker. Sophomore neuroscience and cognitive science student Alexia Sambrano draws from mental health, sexuality and femininity for her paintings and prints featured in Divine Femininity, a student-curated art exhibition. Arts and Entertainment Editor Isa Uggetti sat down with Sambrano to talk about her process for the […]

General Education S4E4: Familiar Face, New School

Listen to “Familiar Face, New School” on Spreaker. In advance of Carol Folt’s inauguration this Friday, this week we’ll be taking a quick look at our new Vice President of Student Affairs, Winston Crisp, who is a colleague of Folt’s from the University of North Carolina—Chapel Hill. Music by Joakim Karud. Find us on Apple […]

General Education S4E3: Rewind — Profiling 101

Listen to “Profiling 101” on Spreaker. Originally recorded in April 2019. We’re taking a brief hiatus this week but we will be back next week with a brand new episode. The episode you’re about to hear features an introduction to profiling prominent figures. It’s a great lesson for any new reporter, and a great reminder […]

General Education S4E2: Is Rushing Part of Your First Amendment Rights?

Following the lead of other top tier universities, USC mandated in 2018 that first-time students must wait to establish a GPA to rush Greek organizations. A few fraternities and sororities sued the school over this policy — and lost. Now, the courts have reversed the decision, and the policy's fate is uncertain. Music by Joakim Karud.

General Education S4E1: A Legacy in the Making

There are some big changes coming to USC, including a new president and a reinvented coliseum. This week on General Education, Sean is joined by three Daily Trojan writers who covered these renovations before classes even started. Music by Joakim Karud.