Letter to the editor

In response to “Students Should Broaden View of Political Activism” As the current director of the Political Student Assembly, I read the criticisms that Luke Phillips, my successor, presented regarding recent campus protests and sit-ins with a mixture of excitement and concern. Though much of what Luke points out has a great deal of merit […]

USG responds to Greek tax resolution

As members of the Undergraduate Student Government Senate, we wish to address the concerns raised by Tara Campbell in Eric Wendorf’s article “USG Senate rejects tax resolution.” USG’s mission is to represent and advocate on behalf of the entire undergraduate population. No benefit for any group in the student body, regardless of size, is too […]

In response to “To fight injustice, women must be unified”

On April 7, the Daily Trojan published a column by Rini Sampath on the lack of unity among women, particularly when it comes to addressing and fighting injustice. Sampath used the critiques people have leveled against Sheryl Sandberg’s bestselling book Lean In as an example of “a glaring problem with the women’s empowerment movement:” women […]