World must recognize Armenian struggle

Kessab, a largely Armenian-populated town in northwestern Syria, and its surrounding villages have been under cross-border attack the past week from Turkey via Al Qaeda-affiliated groups. On Friday, March 21, the rebels crossed the Turkish border and attacked Kessab. A couple days later, on March 23, the extremist groups entered the town of Kessab, held […]

Bitcoins can transform value

On Feb. 24, hackers crashed and seemingly bankrupted Mt. Gox, the third largest Bitcoin exchange, sending prices rope-a-doping by $300/BTC. It’s time to look deeply at how the cybercurrency derives its value. Among “alternative investments,” precious metals are the average Joes, rare art and microloans are the hipsters and Bitcoins are the awkwardly nerdy yet […]

Letter to the editor

University response to APASS incident lacking  On Feb. 18, the Vice Provost for Student Affairs, Dr. Ainsley Carry, released an official statement regarding the racist and misogynistic letter sent on Feb. 1 to USC Asian Pacific American Student Services, a cultural resource center within the Division of Student Affairs. His lackluster and generic statement completely […]

A word from USG

The main role of the Undergraduate Student Government is to serve as the representative body for the undergraduate student population here at USC. The Undergraduate Student Government, also known as USG, is able to do this through the programming of events, advocating for desired changes, funding student organizations and events and writing new legislation for […]