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Aidan Berg


Aidan Berg is a junior writing about sports. He is also a features editor for the Daily Trojan. His column, “Berg is the Word,” typically runs every other Monday.

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Berg is the Word: The biggest takeaways from the 2020 NFL Draft
For three nights, it felt like football was back again, and clearly, the NFL landscape will look a little different next season, whenever that may come.

Berg is the Word: New schedule might be exactly what NBA needs
The truest mark of resilience is the ability to make something horrible work in your favor. The NBA has the opportunity to do just that as the end of its season continues to be postponed by the coronavirus pandemic.

Berg is the Word: Cut owners a little slack when it comes to employee play
As low-income workers struggle with the transition to working at home, employees who fill similar roles in sports are concurrently suffering through tough times, and it’s only going to get worse as the state of emergency escalates.

Berg is the Word: USC’s strides are promising for the future
Despite leading the Trojans to their winningest five-year stretch in program history, Enfield has inspired a fair amount of malaise in USC fans recently, albeit not as much as other coaches on campus.

Berg is the Word: Colleges must help victims, not hide cases
Schools can’t be trusted to self-report accurately because they have an interest in keeping such criminal activity under wraps.

Berg is the Word: Don’t hit the panic button on USC just yet
That’s the thing about this USC group — it only loses to good teams.

Berg is the Word: USC Basketball has something that football doesn’t – juice
It’s ironic that “the juice” has caught on with the football team just as the University’s premier program may be getting bypassed in both performance and popularity.

Berg is the Word: Developing Slovis must be a top priority
Something about Saturday’s 52-35 victory over UCLA complicates the coaching matter just a bit.

Berg is the Word: Solid final stretch provides USC football with several lessons
The Trojans have played better down the stretch this season; thus, there are lessons to take with them as they attempt to make use of their considerable talent.

Berg is the Word: Despite the win, USC still has trouble putting together a complete game
Try to think of a game during the Helton era in which the whole team fired on all cylinders from beginning to end.

Berg is the Word: Saturday’s loss proved Helton is not the right coach for USC
USC’s 56-24 loss to No. 7 Oregon Saturday night at the Coliseum was a bad look for some of the program’s highest-profile members.

Berg is the Word: Michael Pittman Jr. continues to show up in the biggest moments
Pittman’s performance this season has him shooting up NFL draft boards, and for good reason. He is showcasing not only a well-rounded skill set, but a propensity for excelling when the lights shine the brightest, which NFL teams love. But for the last few years, Pittman has been doing something that has greater long-term significance: solidifying himself as a certifiable Trojan great.

Berg is the Word: USC shows signs of development in dominant win over Arizona
The Trojans played with uncharacteristic mental strength in a dominant effort despite being hampered by injuries.

Berg is the Word: USC’s inconsistency is infuriating – this weekend’s loss was proof
As soon as I think I have a beat on who the 2019 Trojans are, they do something that completely changes my opinion. It’s maddening.

Berg is the Word: It remains to be seen whether Anthony Davis can live up to expectations
As the NBA season approaches and the hype continues to build, I’m most interested to see one outcome: how Anthony Davis fares for the Los Angeles Lakers this season.

Berg is the Word: USC’s biggest flaw is the same as it was in 2018
What plagued USC football throughout a dismal 5-7 campaign a year ago was discipline.

Berg is the Word: Receiving corps can win games for Trojans
There are rare occasions that a skill position group dominates so thoroughly that it overshadows a team’s lack of physicality and subpar coaching.

Berg is the Word: USC football’s response to adversity shows team’s growth
One of the biggest storylines heading into Saturday night’s annual USC-Stanford matchup was that both teams would be playing without their starting quarterbacks.

Berg is the Word: Rooting for Tiger is a complicated experience
As Woods plowed his way to win after win, he built up a mystique reserved for sports’ all-time greats.

Berg is the Word: Giannis deserves MVP over Harden
This year’s race may not quite deserve a 40-pounder, but it has been wildly entertaining.

Berg is the Word: USC athletic department’s reputation hits new low
USC is no stranger to scandals and controversy, and its athletics department is not immune.

Berg is the Word: The Lakers are no longer a franchise to fear
The era of Lakers exceptionalism is coming to an end.

Berg is the Word: Belichick proves his supremacy once again
The Patriots are the Patriots because of Brady and Belichick.

Berg is the Word: Men’s basketball is missing an opportunity in the mediocre Pac-12
Pac-12 men’s basketball has come to a low point, facing the possibility of being the first Power 5 conference to have just one bid in the NCAA tournament.