Fiction but Fact

Aisha Patel

Aisha Patel is a freshman writing about fiction in parallel to current events. Her column, “Fiction but Fact,” typically runs every other Wednesday.

Featured columns

Fiction but Fact: Stop waiting for a miracle to happen and start doing
Let’s stop recreating yesterday while praying today will be miraculously different.

Fiction but Fact: Though confined society will emerge united
I hope that during our own period of confinement we find solace and comfort with the people that surround us.

Fiction but Fact: A series made up of unfortunate yet surprisingly fortunate events
As evident by the emails rolling in from the Office of the Provost, USC Housing, professors and club presidents, the second semester of my first year here at USC has taken a 180 degree turn.

Fiction but Fact: Life is one of those choose-your-own-adventure books
But, the greatest life lesson these books contribute is the simple yet profound truth that life is filled with adventures of your own choosing.

Fiction but Fact: Gatsby’s great truth: Drawing a line between dreams and reality
Fitzgerald’s novel still carries a continuing legacy almost 100 years since its first release in 1925.

Fiction but Fact: Fiction teaches us life is too short to sit around and do nothing
Death is a subject shared universally between realms, linking fiction with reality. While the concept may be difficult to comprehend in its full nature, fiction continues to expose us to such heavy topics.