Let’s Wine Down

Ted Wint

Ted Wint is a senior writing about wine culture for the Daily Trojan. His column, “Let’s Wine Down,” typically ran every other Tuesday.

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Let’s Wine Down: Forget productivity, drunken activities while sheltering-in-place are the new normal
Now is the perfect time to spiral down a Wikipedia search hole, especially with a glass of red wine.

Let’s Wine Down: For regular and novice drinkers alike, wine-typing is a fun activity to pass the time
If you are trying to add a fresh routine to your life while social distancing, you might have already started following a daily list of to-dos. For myself, drinking wine is definitely on my to-do list, and it’s the one thing I am guaranteed to accomplish.

Let’s Wine Down: When social distancing is normal, indulge in wine-related activities
With these ever-evolving circumstances, it’s crucial for our emotional and mental well-being to maintain some sanity. And to assist, here are a few ways to improvise your wine game.

Let’s Wine Down: Weekend wine getaways don’t have to be expensive
With a little bit of planning and access to a car — or at least a friend with a car — you can explore the selections that make Southern California a global wine hotspot.

Let’s Wine Down: Forget Target and explore wine around LA
While we may finally gain some comfort with the wine selection in USC Village, it’s time we get out of the uni gates and embrace the drinking experiences in the city.

Let’s Wine Down: Canned wine can be a better alternative than bottled wine
At the end of the day, canned wines can be a great alternative to bottled wines and beers. The benefits outweigh the negativity from the snobs that keeps people from drinking canned wines. But as the saying goes, haters are going to hate.

Let’s Wine Down: Wine night is a cultural phenomenon that brings people together
“Send me a calendar invite.” Like most things in college, the weekly tradition of wine nights started on a whim between my friends at the start of this semester.

Let’s Wine Down: Wines can take the edge off midterm season
As we say goodbye to the first third of our fall semester, we welcome the season of pumpkin spice lattes, sweaters and dreaded midterms. The stress that comes with this time of year can be overwhelming, especially with the avalanche of testing in course after course, week after week.

Let’s Wine Down: Ranking the most Instagrammable wines
There is no shame in admitting that some of us drink wine for the aesthetics.

Let’s Wine Down: Introduce wine at tailgates
Trojan Football season is here —  and with that comes the weekly ritual of tailgating with friends and fellow Trojans. While beer might be the drink of choice for many on game day, wine can be a better alternative for those who want to spice things up just a bit. 

Let’s Wine Down: There’s a wine to fit every post-summer slump
I’m going to be upfront — I am not a sommelier. Despite my lack of formal education in the field, I do know I enjoy wine and have spent countless hours drinking it.  This column is meant to be a petite, tongue-in-cheek introduction to the world of wine, not a comprehensive one by any means.