Harrison Cho

Harrison Cho is a sophomore writing about “The Bachelor” and American pop culture. His column, “Rosechasing,” typically runs every other Friday.

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Rosechasing: ‘The Bachelor’s’ new spinoff, ‘Listen to Your Heart,’ is unoriginal and a waste of time
‘Listen to Your Heart’ appears to introduce the novel idea of musicians finding love through their singing, but in reality, the show only builds upon the already unrealistic elements of “The Bachelor.”

Rosechasing: ‘Bachelor’ producers instigated an extraordinary amount of drama this past season
Peter Weber set out on “The Bachelor” with hopes of finally finding love and a future wife. Instead, he got an extremely disappointing result that left him back at square one.

Rosechasing: Former bachelorette Hannah Brown sets poor example during pandemic
While this season of “The Bachelor” was one of the wildest seasons ever, the ending was overshadowed by a much bigger event: the coronavirus pandemic.

Rosechasing: 2020 politics and reality TV are not so different
“The Bachelor” and the primaries have some eye-opening similarities that allude to a troubling fact: American politics today resembles a reality TV show where audiences don’t know what’s real or fake.

Rosechasing: Toxicity has taken over this season of ‘The Bachelor’
Season 24 of “The Bachelor” has delivered drama in ways that no other season has, but that is by no means a good thing.

Rosechasing: ‘The Bachelor’ gives hungry audiences a taste of romantic fantasy
I think one of the reasons so many people love “The Bachelor” is because it appeals to a sense of fantasy that most people will never find in their own life.