Tongue in Chic

Kitty Guo

Kitty Guo is a senior writing about fashion. Her column, “Tongue in Chic,” typically ran every other Monday.

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Tongue in Chic: Changing your hair changes your life
I’d never noticed before how much I relied on my hair as a security blanket. I used it to shield my face, a curtain that I could retreat behind whenever I felt shy or awkward.

Tongue in Chic: Playing dress-up provides a sense of normalcy amid COVID-19
To be honest, even if I did have my full wardrobe with me, I probably wouldn’t touch half of it. With nowhere to go and no one to impress, there’s simply no point.

Tongue in Chic: A beginner’s guide to secondhand shopping online
If you’re eager to jump into the online thrifting sphere but you’re not quite sure how to start, have no fear!

Tongue in Chic: New York Fashion Week proves increasingly irrelevant
Fashion Week happens twice a year, once in spring and once in fall, and it’s a whirlwind of runway shows, street-style candids and cocktail parties, where everyone jostles to see and be seen.

Tongue in Chic: I succumbed to the cult of the Margiela Tabi boot
Tabi shoes aren’t as polarizing as cilantro, but they come pretty close. It’s impossible to feel ambivalent about them: You either love them or you hate them, and you know which camp you’re in the moment you lay eyes on them.

Tongue in Chic: Bags say more about your personality than you think
Bags become an extension of yourself, more so than any other item in your wardrobe.

Tongue in Chic: Jeans aren’t that great. Here’s why.
Jeans are wardrobe workhorses. You can dress ’em up or down; you can wear ’em at the office, to the grocery store or on a first date. But, in reality, jeans are ugly, unflattering and unattractive.

Tongue in Chic: Hypebeasts have no real style
Picture this: I’m standing in line to get into Supreme’s New York flagship.

Tongue in Chic: Socks were my way of rebelling against the dress code
Every day I wore a different pair to school, exposing a forbidden sliver of pink or yellow between my khakis and my Keds.