Daily Trojan Editorial Board

Mission Statement

Throughout the Daily Trojan’s 100-plus-year history, it has been our responsibility to provide the student body and the wider Trojan community with up-to-date and accurate news coverage. But as the primary purveyors of campus news, we can offer more than just the facts. Our Editorial Board takes things one step further by offering analysis on issues pertinent to the USC community. As the voice of the paper, we aim to begin and progress important on-campus conversations critical to the USC community in an effort to engage readers in these vital and sometimes contentious issues. Seeking preservation of the Trojan values — faithful, scholarly, skillful, courageous and ambitious — we aim to hold the University accountable for their actions in order to ensure the welfare of the students. We invite members of the student body to continue the conversations about these pertinent issues by contacting board members and writing letters to the editor.

The board is composed of six editors and three permanent staff members. Majority vote among the editorial board determines the stance expressed in the unsigned editorial.

Spring 2020 Editors

Editor-in-chiefKate Sequeira 

Managing Editor – Raymond Rapada

Digital Managing Editor – Lauren Mattice

Associate Managing Editor – Nathan Ackerman

Associate Managing Editor – Natalie Oganesyan

News Editor – Shaylee Navarro

News Editor – Sarah Yaacoub

News Assignments Editor – Twesha Dikshit

Opinion Editor – Sophie Ceniza

A&E Editor – Ellice Ellis

A&E Editor – Catherine Orihuela

Sports Editor – Stuart Carson

Sports Editor – Shawn Farhadian

Online Editor — Erica Hur

Video Editor — Kevin Camargo

Chief Copy Editor — Tristan Hayes

Chief Copy Editor — Ashley Zhang

Features Editor – Daniel Hahm

Features Editor – Aidan Berg

Features Editor — Amanda Sturges

Photo Editor – Vincent Leo

Photo Editor – James Wolfe

Online Projects Editor – Alina Abidi

Art Director – Arielle Chen

Design Director – Kitty Huang

Social Media Director – Julia Lin

Wellness & Outreach Director – Matthew Phillips