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Internet slang a sign of evolution

A few days ago, my roommates and I were talking about which first names and surnames sound good together. We came up with the name “Ella Wellman.” Looks neutral enough, right? Try saying it out loud. It sounds a lot like “ell-oh-ell, man.” As in, laughing out loud, man. It sounds like something you’d find in […]


Online profiles deserve privacy

Hide your beers and hide your bongs — your future bosses are climbing into your Facebook accounts, snatching your pictures up. According to a survey by Vault, a recruiting website, three out of every four employers use Facebook in the hiring process. Conscientious job applicants know employers check digital trails. Few USC students need to […]


Programming an important foreign language

While we’re at school, we’re encouraged to view all fields as equal. Recruiters, however, see things a little differently. The importance of computer science is hard to ignore. It’s the discipline that runs our beloved phones and laptops. It’s the study that allows us to tell hundreds of people what we did last weekend and, […]


Internet provides solutions for bad eating habits

You didn’t eat enough fruits or vegetables today. Chances are, you didn’t eat any at all. OK, that’s kind of an unfair accusation. Still, research shows that it isn’t unfounded. According to an Oregon State University study released last month, college men tend to eat five servings of the good stuff per week, while college […]


Facebook makes us recall unwanted memories

Are you still in touch with all your exes? How about your best friends from middle school? More likely than not, your answer is no. But what if I asked you what they did last weekend? You could probably just look them up on Facebook. That’s what’s interesting about Facebook. It claims to connect us […]